King Dragon PTA project introduction of foreign chemical fiber equipment

At present, the chemical fiber King Dragon PTA project of the introduction of foreign equipment have been put in place It is reported that this year, Shishi textile and garment industry trend of reduced investment in hardware facilities, a large number of enterprises involved the introduction of strong influence in the upper reaches of major textile and garment projects, technical performance of imports Mature-the-art equipment to enhance corporate image and competitiveness. It is reported that this year’s inspection and quarantine departments have been completed area fiber King Dragon PTA imports of chemical fiber project of 26,155,000 U.S. dollars, Huilong Chemical Fiber Company, Hong Tai textile import water of 150 looms, 36 air-jet looms, as well as the Association Sheng Feng Association’s cotton yarn production line imported equipment inspection campaign to promote the upgrading of Shishi textile and garment industry. The industry believes that the stone lions stand up to corporate pressure bold introduction of foreign advanced equipment, reflecting business development lions courage.