Know thyself chinese rugs purchase and application

Carpet purchase chinese rugs from the material can be roughly divided into pure wool, silk, on silk, pure cotton, wool, silk, linen-like, human-like woven chinese rugs, and so on. Sheep blanket texture soft detailed, touch better, durable does not faded, anti-insect boring, also both warm, and does not combustion, and easy cleanup of features; silk blanket and has wool of General characteristics and due to its unique of luster and by favored, however cost high, more for expensive of manual blanket; flax blanket natural material, can regulation air in the of moisture, and can for room brings simple natural of atmosphere; imitation wool applied science hot reaction technology, makes artificial fiber seam rips has wool of soft touch, and never off hair, more important of is still was weaving of charming feeling, while price also benefits. When buying chinese rugs, shall be carried out under their own decorative style and features of selected. As French classical furniture or European style, select Persian chinese rugs most for, because pattern clearly, and weaving knot close is Persian chinese rugs of features; if like American village furniture or advocating natural ancient of home life, so on consider purchase has strong national breath of silk blanket or rugged simple of flax chinese rugs; if is trend a family or on design simple smooth of Italy furniture love has alone clock, so modern chinese rugs most can display out this information. Next is to determine the appropriate dimensions. Carpet often has a variety of sizes available, measuring approximately take blanket region. And then select match color pattern. Wanted to using chinese rugs to against furnishings, can selected a Zhang and wallpapers, and sofa, and curtains, and table towel, existing similar tone of chinese rugs nationality to fusion, and mutual against; if hope has Visual impact effect of, can select color gorgeous strongly comparison color of chinese rugs; area smaller furniture very more of space in the, should be used light or beige and pattern simple of chinese rugs, can makes space pattern feeling variable large and neatly; winter comes, can using warm tone or dark Department; heat summer, can laying a Zhang cold tone Department chinese rugs; large area of chinese rugs will makes indoor feeling more close, especially in more empty of Hall in stripes type of pattern, along lines direction, can makes Visual was extends elongated, Totem also can for defined different space of function; modern geometry pattern can makes space active has vitality. Carpet rug from the uses are divided into the shop full of blankets, square blanket, single piece chinese rugs, how to perfectly match the chinese rugs and room space is there? Single pieces chinese rugs because area not, applies Yu space local laying, such as Xuan closed, and bedroom bed edge, are is suitable placed of location, can added room of warm sense; square chinese rugs for rich scattered of space, it both can using in small space of pendulum ornaments, also may placed in large space in the dotted atmosphere, pattern beautiful fine of square chinese rugs also can as layout of jewelry, such as hanging in walls Shang also is beautiful. Wall-to-wall chinese rugsing renders something demeanor, because wall-to-wall chinese rugsing larger, when laid, mostly according to cut the space needed to cut the entire chinese rugs, mostly in the larger area of the overall space, like the living room or bedroom because the space is large, wall-to-wall chinese rugsing is available.