Knowledge of China antique chinese rugs

A) three of the old chinese rugs benefits 1. Due to the ancient cold weather without the flocks can be thermal insulation facilities, group in cold weather, only good hair to survive its own output and wool quality, down content high. 2. Ancient hand-spinning is different from modern machine spinning. Hand-spinning easier to check the gross weight and toughness, can adjust the speed and degree of force in time, hand spinning strong, durable, toughness and tension, but also beautiful. 3. Ancient chinese rugs dyeing of all raw materials made from natural plant and mineral identification. And the advantages of durable natural color wear-resistant, lasting new. Natural plant, mine to identify possible because once is a living, their molecular structure is more penetration. More distant, the color would be more polished, like wool and a protective film, can be to increase the chinese rugs life. Therefore old uniform color of the chinese rugs is comfortable and bright, colorfast. (B) traditional chinese rugs vase intended meaning go; meaning grace of Peony with a silver spoon; cat Butterfly meaning longevity; implied meaning Lion, Tiger, Dragon powers, mights; moral crane deer live forever; plum, Orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum meaning four seasons; bat meaning ” Fu ” and so on, different from the other countries in the production of chinese rugs. (C) produced by different ethnic ` Xinjiang chinese rugs and meticulous style and type of bold and unconstrained; Shaanxi chinese rugs fine; Tibetan chinese rugs with a religious spirit. Ningxia rugs noble atmosphere, precision workmanship. Types can be broken down by geographical: Tibet’s Long Hetu, corridor chinese rugs; blanket in Yulin of Shaanxi Beijing pavilions; life picture of Inner Mongolia; Ningxia Dragon holding column of baotou camel basket, cloud base ball flower.