Lay the chinese rugs should pay attention to green health concept

At the foot of chinese rugs is always anonymous was stepped on by people, bring us is soft and comfortable and warm enjoyment. Carpet has become the oldest, still be millions, but its appearance, texture, and a qualitative change in color. More cater to the modern mind, and give people more choice. Modern people laying chinese rugs, with healthy new ideas. Carpet, gave the impression that in the past easy breeding mite, easy cleaning, and now, people are beginning to use green ideas to selecting chinese rugs. Such as wool textile antistatic chinese rugs-free, it’s good quality, cheap, cheaper than pure wool chinese rugs, and overcome the resistance of pure wool chinese rugs do not wear, were vulnerable to insects, exceedingly static weaknesses. Again such as coconut hemp chinese rugs, Joan woven hemp or coconut fiber, which is characterized by the largest natural fibers, and boundary changes to be completed with all kinds of cloth, with balancing function of humidity, keep dry, high practical value and health function. High wear, unventilated strong, good finish, easy long dust mites and other features, is loved by the people.