Legend has it the largest hand-woven Oriental carpets

In 531 AD to 579 AD, the Roman army defeated the Persian Empire, occupied the Arab region in the south. In order to celebrate this victory, the Persian king Hermosillo test I ordered a huge production of carpets, known as the “test of Hermosillo blanket in the spring.” The carpet is wool and silk into a real, and there are inlaid gold, silver, precious stones and precious metals, long size is 400 feet (121.92 meters) wide and 100 feet (30.48 meters), is a huge carpet. This carpet using the classic garden design, showing rare in the desert area of green plants, flowers and birds and water scenes, with tin closed at the side of a huge palace hall meeting. Luster to this unusual large-scale carpet has important political significance, symbolizing the king’s power and economic strength. In 651 AD, the Arabs defeated the Persians, the occupation of Cyprus sealed tin. This mythical carpet was stolen as war trophies, and eventually cut into pieces to the sub-fought victory of the soldiers. Nevertheless, this magnificent carpet in later centuries was still encouraged by the confidence of the people of Persia, but also stimulate the Persian nation in the future to create a glorious history, poetry and art. This carpet has become a Persian carpet design future generations of a source of inspiration.