Let the warmth of carpet to beautify our lives Living

Carpet with its gentle touch, quietly U.S. private Capture territories.


Earliest can be traced back to the carpet in 2500 in Siberia before the dynasty. While Westerners truly carpet “amazing”, would benefit from the Oriental Adventures of Marco Polo, his back to the carpet with elegant design, rich color, the Oriental exudes charming beside from the carpet to become Western Living an indispensable element of taste.


Thick bedroom carpet, can let you sat on the floor barefoot big winter; the living room sofa in front of a small blanket, right down to the white pocketsquare place your home; door entrance, the kitchen cooking the audience, before bed and French window, in these inconspicuous the place, the carpet in a gesture of quietly appeared indispensable, and even boldly jumped stools, tables, wall climb. 


Different from the floor because Chilled refuse arising from influenza, carpet in soft colors and strong texture, brings a quiet, comfortable feel and quality of life. With exquisite soft light-colored wool carpet covered the whole bedroom, carpet and walls merge into one, making the space seem wider, and soft and comfortable bedrooms make himself relax, to unload the day’s hard work and tension.


At the time of this return to nature, carpet extended to the home of every corner, warm and soft, casual and natural, regardless of years.


Carpet laying of new ideas


In soft decoration popular today, the carpet has been more and more recognized by people. Expert prediction, full carpets will be the 21st century fashion. Carpet and the relationship between space, just like a suit and tie, as each costume. Color, material and application methods, will affect the aesthetics.


Carpet, in the past, gives the impression that the mites breed and difficult to clean, and now, people have begun to select the concept of green carpet. Like the pure wool non-woven anti-static carpet, it is excellent quality, cheap, cheaper than the pure wool carpet much, but also overcomes the impatience of pure wool carpet wear and tear, moth-eaten easily, Haosheng static disadvantage. Another example is Ma Coconut carpet, using Ma Qiong or woven from coconut fiber, characterized by the largest pure natural fiber, and with all kinds of cloth edge for change, with the balance of moisture to maintain dry interior features, practical value and health care functions very high, very suitable for summer use. Its wear-resistant high ventilate strong, good finishing and difficult features such as dust mite long, but was loved.


Carpet in space can be the protagonist, it could be a match depends entirely on the color and display practices. Furniture and carpet color should have a tone echoed the same color are relatively safe practices, such as light colored wood furniture or furniture lines more complicated, it may be brown or gray with a deep color such as “cold” that the carpet in order to avoid too much visual clutter Instead, for the sake of space not Taisu, space hole pattern carpet can be a little crowded. However, if used properly, simple furniture, with a single color of the carpet, and sometimes create a more modern feel.


At full selection carpets, they should pay attention to the design and rollout process, pay attention to color match with the overall room echoes, rather than casually bought from the market moved to home use. Available cloth, leather “package edge” or decorated with tassels of ways to make change; width, linking method, different materials splicing, even in the planar surface of the fabric of the carpet “hook” a three-dimensional patterns, can allow home floor chromophore does not less.


Dotting for bedroom


Ago, people in the room where carpets, are used to protect the ground, or choose a warm feeling. And now, the carpet is the role of more embellishment. Thus, it more and more into the home. 


  elegant, small footprint design, can be regular for regular and new home has become so sweet, warm, than the whole room full Shop more fashion sense, at the same time, prices will not be too high. The material has wool, nylon, pattern is no longer a simple bamboo, flower, animal patterns, pay more attention to texture effects, with three-dimensional sense of children’s cartoons have suitable patterns, young people have for football, motorcycles, animals such as dynamic patterns by young people has an abstract pattern of white-collar favorite. 


   in the living room, restaurant, bedrooms, study, etc. Spaces are useless. Shop at a round between the living room carpet, can narrow the distance between guest and host, add elegant atmosphere; at the table a piece of carpet beds, dining area and to strengthen the division of the living room; Shop a bed in the bedroom carpet strip , can easily get out of bed on the master; children at one rectangular room Shop fiber carpet, children can easily play, enjoy family happiness; study tables and chairs at a lower berth carpets, can be added to Shuxiang breath.


At selection, care should be taken comfort and flexibility, but also to prevent static electricity, wear-resistant, anti-burning. Color pattern may be based on individual preferences and habits and customs and is designed with home-style harmony, the size depending on room space and decorative effect may be. Increase the sense of space light-colored, so the room looks spacious, dark and warm colors make your room look more comfortable and easy. Choose a bold color of the former, consideration should be given with color and furniture. Large and obvious patterns will add pressure, the smaller rooms do not use, if would like to use patterns have , consideration could be given dot pattern.


Warm tips


Choose a suitable carpet is a necessary cost point of thinking to do. First of all, to consider the different functions of the room; Second, to tie in with the style of home decoration; there are sound-absorbing effect of texture and materials, but also need to be considered one by one.