Local: rags specially into chinese rugs

New life, one thing that always give you the genuineness of gentle contact, that is the chinese rugs. Whether you’re in the living room, your bedroom, it’s like your friend, do you remember where to meet it, do you remember how to bring it home the trouble of sth All kinds of cotton rag rug that people’s eyes light up. Waste cloth woven into green household products. Not only the use of waste, more color to the chinese rugs gives easier. In addition to inexpensive characteristic, this chinese rugs is ready to put the maximum benefits to wash in the washing machine, it is easy to take care of. Cotton rag rug is made of old clothes in rags, but few consider it is beautiful, if we are already familiar with comfort, to make the most simple chinese rugs and seats were made of velvet or cotton cloth into, into their circle, close to seam together. Here you want to use to crochet a chinese rugs it can firmly fixed on the burlap fiber, later, to creation a little bold and simple patterns, attached with a distinctive color and satisfactory structure. Carpet rags can be carefully washed in cold water, then straightened to dry. Carpet rags? has a rough structure for the rug barefoot is very popular. , Required material: linen, mapping pens, crochet worsted fabric, chinese rugs, all-purpose glue, wooden or plastic clothes pegs, glass head pins, needles and strong silk thread. Second, the production process: 1, 60 cm x cm piece of rug, is simple and convenient for beginners. If you need some design inspiration, find some sources, such as postcards, paintings, and instructions on the books, materials collected all of the alignment. 2, needed to cut size of linen, and 5 cm for hemming around with. Draw a design on the linen with drawing pen, patterned cloth sides 5 cm. Cut fabric into 2.5 cm wide, 45 cm long a pile of cloth. 3, using a hand press in the back of the linen cloth, with rugs crochet another hand in front. Crochet front to back on fixed in strips of linen. Back of the figure shown is in linen. 4, unplug from the front of linen from the strips of crochet, make a circle of about 5 cm long, pull it away from the circle crochet, along the length of up to 2.5 cm. Inserted into the back of crochet, pull it away from the second circle. Repeated until the completion of the pattern. 5, in order to to retouch the chinese rugs edge, fold 5 cm wide edge on the back the rug universal adhesive coated, along the boundary with clothes pegs clamping, make the fabric and firmly bonded, until the glue to dry. 6, trimming back of the chinese rugs, cut a widening around 2.5 cm than the original size of linen, backward curling, pin up in jail in the back of the chinese rugs, needle and thread joints in prison.