Mainland Shouchu trading on the cotton contract notice

According to the “2008 Annual published on Cotton Shouchu the second batch of plans and the requirements of the Notice” (No. 18) and “on the mainland Shouchu 2008 annual cotton requirements of the Notice” (No. 27) with the relevant provisions of the participation 2008 Cotton Shouchu to pay the reserve must be cotton processing enterprises. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the signing of the contract, the Mainland will now be produced cotton Shouchu contracting process as follows:

Shouchu the day after the end of the transaction, such as dealers pay for the storage side, then the dealer directly to the cotton processing qualification certificates can be spread to the National Cotton Exchange ( “Exchange”), which issued the purchase and sale of market contract; dealer If the agent for the transaction, a dealer at 18:00 pm on the day before, “Cotton Exchange Shouchu proxy” (hereinafter referred to as “the” proxy “,” settlement and processing cotton Fang Chu qualification certificate be faxed to market, Market based on the “proxy” issued by the purchase and sale contracts. All contracts traded at 18:00 pm the next day contract before the fax intimate friend to save, save to pay to receive the purchase and sale contract, the contract must be within 3 working days to seal the transaction can be spread to all Market. Traded 3 business days have not signed the contract, the seller according to the dealer to deal with breach of contract.

In order to ensure the signing of the purchase and sale contracts, traders in the “proxy” must fill out a clear cross-party storage details. Purchase and sale contract has been signed, the change may not pay to save the name, otherwise, the seller according to the dealer to deal with breach of contract.