Maintenance and cleaning of chinese rugs

Beautiful chinese rugs like a woman’s face, only a frequent, regular care can always clean and beautiful. However, how to let the chinese rugs and look good for a long time you love it? In fact, this is not difficult, outside the subject needs to have good living habits, proper use and maintenance is important. Cleansing Please note the following several points: 1) time, using the family of the chinese rugs, it is best to buy a vacuum cleaner for frequent cleaning. In particular, do not wait more dust into the chinese rugs fibers and then clean up, only to do regular maintenance can extend the a chinese rugs cleaner chinese rugs for about a year to do the cleaning work will suffice. You can use the factory dry foam cleaning agent of good reputation and DIY, or a professional cleaning company at your service. If you plan to do it yourself, you have planned, acting in accordance with the instructions carefully, and before using this cleanser first make sure the chinese rugs clean. Do not place the chinese rugs too wet, that loss and the back of the Organization, make it very easy drying chinese rugs. If moisture is too serious, even at the bottom will start to rot decay. 2) even use rug shop with a few years later, best swap positions, make them wear uniform. Once when some uneven parts to gently beat it, can also be used gently deposited iron steam iron or hot towel. 3) after contaminated stains on the chinese rugs to be cleared in a timely manner, but the ways and means of decontamination must be to have the right, several clear the rug common dirt the method described here: edible grease stains: volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon tetrachloride cleared, remaining parts to use alcohol to clean. Soy sauce stains: new stain with cold water to brush first, then uses the detergent to wash then except that. Chan joined the detergent and ammonia water cleaning stains available warm water, then water drifting NET. Shoes grease stains: with gasoline, turpentine or alcohol wipe, then wash with SOAP. Urine soaks: new stain free warm water or ammonia water fluid washes in addition 10%. These stains use detergent to wash, and ammonia washing, the pure wool rug to citric acid wash. Fruit juice soaks: using 5% ammonia water fluid clean first, and then uses the detergent again. But the effects of ammonia on the pure wool rug fibers have injury and should minimize the use, generally available or soaps cleaning with citric acid, alcohol can also be used. Ice cream soaks: gasoline to clean. Wine stains: new stain water used clean then. Chen soaks needs water used clean then. Chen soaks needs ammonia and aqueous solution of borax to clear. If the material is wool, silk chinese rugs, use oxalic acid cleaning. The coffee soaks, the tea soaks: ammonia washing in addition. Silk, wool chinese rugs, use oxalic acid cleansing agent dip 10-20 minutes before washing in addition or use 10% glycerol solution to clean. Vomit stains: one way is to use gasoline after the wipe, then using 5% ammonia water to clean, finally uses the lukewarm water wash. Another method is to use 10% of ammonia will vomit liquid wetting, then uses the added alcohol liquid soap to clean, finally uses the detergent to clean. Clear above dirt also has the correct cleaning method, not to damage chinese rugs and make the dirt scope a step when expanding. So wipe to note the following several points: 1. From the edge of the dirt first wipe up, gradually narrowing to the Centre, preventing the spread of smudged out. 2. Silk, wool chinese rugs of the class should not be cleaning with ammonia, alkali water. 3. Toxic oxalic acid, when used in warm water to dilute, concentrated acid easy wound fiber. 4. Wiping hard and should not be too hard, otherwise it will damage fibrous histiocytoma and surface. 5. Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidant, can damage chinese rugs color, to be used with caution. 6. Turpentine, petrol is flammable, be close to the fire. 7. Alcohol cannot be used for glass fiber. 4) after the rug use clear water cleans, will do it with a clean towel water absorption, and tried to chinese rugs to dry as soon as possible, but avoid sun exposure, so as not to fade. If accidentally chinese rugs burn Coke mark, mild available hard brush off, serious, to cut some of the chinese rugs fluff at the corners, adhesive viscosity in burn Department, and then press one of the following book, after the glue dry, then Combs then. Breaking the glass apparatus above the rug clean up more trouble. Available widths of some sticky tape or dip the cotton stick the small glass of water, then use the vacuum cleaner suction.