Maintenance is key to chinese rugs nice life extension

Carpet has many advantages, such as the elasticity good, beautiful and sound-absorbing, and so on, although chinese rugs greatest shortcoming is to take care of some trouble, but as long as the time the dust, maintained properly, there is quite a long service life of the chinese rugs. Weekdays to focus on the care and maintenance of the chinese rugs. For example, where furniture legs touch chinese rugs, cushion or often moving furniture should be placed; on serious worn parts, apart from outside the protected by covers, you can also swap positions used. Due to the surface of the chinese rugs fibers, easy accumulation of dust, is often the best way to use the vacuum cleaner dust along the smooth hair direction, so you can keep the chinese rugs clean. Best to chinese rugs dust every week, current vacuum cleaner pure aspiration, beat rod and bristle brush three rotary cleaning methods, apply close chinese rugs pile head and Terry chinese rugs, can only use the suction function of vacuum cleaners. In addition, using vacuum cleaners last push down the pile head direction. Worth noting is that cleanup is never with dentate or rough edge tools, this will damage the chinese rugs fibers on surface. Wool chinese rugs conflict occurs, you need to use clean towels soaked in hot water to clean, with a comb to remove dead hairs straight, iron, iron pad wet-bushunmao, may be reinstated.