Maintenance of chinese rugs

After the chinese rugs laid must always be cleaned in order to look good, and reduce the wear and tear of use. There are two main categories of dirt on the chinese rugs, one for dust and other particulate matter, second for dirt and grease and other chemical substances. Former regular vacuuming or cleaning may be used to resolve, on the latter required chemical solvent, need professional guidance, such as improper methods, anti-stain spreading precautions. Problems needing attention in using the chinese rugs: 1: beginning of the new pile floor coverings of open use will have a slight v hair appears, a normal phenomenon. 2: Beware the weapon blew rub chinese rugs surface and cigarette burns. 3: most chinese rugs factory did decay process, without placing pest control agents, harmful to the chinese rugs and human. 4: shades stains on the chinese rugs, should be clean, long time will find it difficult to place. 5: high pile of the chinese rugs after cleaning the mess should be proceed in direction of rationalisation, the drying will be difficult to maintain the original appearance. 6: in order not to dust into chinese rugs area, should be set to blanket of dust mat at the entrance. Carpet cleaning: based on pollution degree of local cleaning and comprehensive cleaning. Local cleaning: main for easy pollution of regional or small block stains for, has following several method: 1: will detergent or water spray in chinese rugs Shang, with towel scrubbed, and with dry towel absorption; 2: will to pollution powder sub in chinese rugs Shang, then with brush brush, and for absorption dust processing; 3: will distribution good of wash liquid Jet to chinese rugs Shang, with with nozzle and vacuum absorption dust of cleaning machine for vacuum absorption dust. Comprehensive cleaning: in order to maintain a clean and chinese rugs surface appearance, complete cleaned regularly. General cleaning to complete and to reduce the number of full absorption of the Qing. Here are some common stain removal methods: coffee tea with a clean cloth dipped 5% glycerol aqueous solvent wipe; after the wipe absorb excess water and dry with a paper towel. Beer wine with a clean step dip washing powder with water, wipe, and paper towels absorb water; clean step again dipped in warm water to clean dirt, absorb moisture with a paper towel. Coke dip fruit juice with a clean step after joining neutral detergent in warm water to clean with paper towels absorb water. Cosmetic shoes-sheet mimeographed mud cleaner for oil first into the dirt, with a clean wipe, then wipe with clean step to dip water and absorb moisture with a paper towel. Ink new track: late to sprinkle a little salt at the ink with a clean step dipped in soapy water to clean the ink, wipe it with a paper towel after absorb moisture. A thing of the past: the infiltration of dirt with a little milk sponge towel dipped in milk for a moment, then wipe with clean step to dip water absorb moisture with a paper towel after … Chewing gum to be scraped with a knife, dip again with a clean step alcohol wipe