Major harm of NEPs and short fibre

As of January 1, 2004, to include the rate of NEPs and short fibre mandatory national standards of the fine cotton velvet cotton quality indicator. Newly added these two quality indices of cotton so that our existing GB1103-1999 cotton fine cashmere cotton of the standard provisions of grade, length, value, regain Ma Kelong, impurity rate, harmful debris 6 quality index increased to 8. This is to improve the quality of cotton and textiles in China and important initiatives of the international standards. Therefore, the study of NEPs and short fibre and harm, improving the cotton and textile production, processing and inspection standards have an important significance. NEPs in cotton is the main hazard NEP entanglement of fibers bonded. NEPs are called silk, silk and normal mature fiber silk and the formation of immature fiber components. Small NEP also known as the WHITE STAR, White Star, mostly immature fiber entangled together. –Of cotton fibre maturity in the knot, except for certain tying the death of the struggle outside the mission, mostly spent Qing in front of the spinning and carding two processes can open knot, dispersion become normal fiber combed pine, little impact on the quality of textiles. Individual difficulties opening normal fiber of the death of the formation of significant impact on the quality of textiles, of gauze in the amount of product degradation defects caused by cotton balls, slub yarn, NEP, etc. –NEPs of immature fibre in wire , flower Qing in front of the spinning and carding processes difficult to clean, making textiles appear in the plot of volume reduction and other defects. Such as slub yarn, uneven bars, NEP, etc. –Small NEP ¨C WHITE STAR. Due to poor processing and immature fiber in particular pests and diseases caused by cotton and stiff flap cotton. Its the force with which sth. breaks out as the locust and more of the crop also gave the most harmful, is the disastrous killer of textile quality. Because of its small and micro-prone to cohesion by gauze and stained with, in the entire textile printing and dyeing process is difficult to get rid of the defects. If, due to the NEP volume small, the weight easily coil or attached on the yarn in the yarn, woven into cloth attached on the canvas after. When dyeing and printing process, because cotton fiber twisted around together, singed process roasted in oil, burning up cotton fibre. When attached to the fabric of cotton fiber dyeing after launching base on stronger adhesion, dye it will block the color when soaked in oil. After printing and dyeing cloth drying, due to the NEP by dyeing fiber after cellulose crystals by chemical dyes have changed, their adhesion to reduce shedding down fabric appears on numerous irregular not dyeing of original White small defects, make batch dyeing cloth degradation. Serious damage, and great losses. Short fiber mainly affect short-fiber cotton fiber length is shorter than the main fiber length in a certain limit of fiber, common short fiber weight expressed as a percentage of the total fiber weight, referred to as short fiber ratios. –Destruction of cotton quality, increased cotton textile flower clearance, processes such as carding cotton content down, increasing the cost of cotton textile industry. –Natural short fibers due to poor quality, root with cottonseed epidermis, is extremely difficult to clear the cause of cotton fibers for textile defect. For example, immature short fiber and short fibers are a direct result of cottonseed epidermal defects such as reduction of cotton textile products–NEP impurity defect rate exceeded. –Worst of cotton staple fiber. Most cotton for cotton textile factory of the waste yarn and cloth scraps of cloth or clothing factory. As many cotton is chemical fiber and cotton blended products, via tool crib, beat, after carding mixed with cotton carding machine, after textiles and cotton yarn and cotton are hard to test detected with the naked eye. But after printing anddyeing, cotton and chemical fiber coloring rate is not consistent, will have a large area and numerous flower yarn defects such as irregular large drop, suffered heavy losses.