Manual silk hand tufted rugs

Hand-made silk hand tufted rugs, tapestry art is the traditional Chinese handicrafts. 100% bright smooth elastic Chinese silk hand-woven together. Traditional patterns of patterns of ancient Chinese cultural relics. Silk antique, Mercerized eye-catching, unique style, exquisite workmanship, international art share in the hand tufted rugs industry. Specifications from 1*1 square feet to 14*20 square feet. Silk hand tufted rugs with a long history, it for the quality of silk as raw material, woven together by hand, it has a light texture, feel comfortable, sparkling soft delicate colors and exquisite workmanship, design and exquisite and so on. A piece of silk hand tufted rugs production through design, Supress silk, dyed line drawings, color scheme, La via, weaving, flat, washed, cut-pull dozens of procedures such as ear. More than 300 road of silk hand tufted rugs in General, within a square foot of any 90,000 hand knot, knitting takes a lot of time to complete a work, so highly value, value-added functions. Silk hand tufted rugs with folk culture and arts as an element of the pattern, these designs and patterns are awarded with a silver spoon, a long life and good luck, and many children of the rich meaning. Silk hand tufted rugs with festive red background, camel, sea blue, which is consistent and traditional solid wood decorative style. Elegant silk hand tufted rugs, home decorative hand tufted rugs, communicating them to the people is not only a cultural connotation, is more a way of life, is noisy party quiet in the city vacant land.