March 1-11 nationwide profits of industrial enterprises above designated size large inventory

26, the National Bureau of Statistics released data show that 1-Nov national scale industrial enterprises realized a total profit of more than 2,406,600,000,000 yuan, up 4.9 percent. With the same period last year, an increase of 31.8 percentage points lower.

Previously released figures show that in November the national industrial added value of enterprises grew only 5.4%, PPI rose has dropped to 2.0 percent. The main industrial index fell, showing China’s industrial development is being subjected to an unprecedented test.

Expert analysis needs of industrial enterprises resulted in a drop in profit growth rate dropped sharply.

The main reason: cause a drop in demand

Data show that the January to November last year, more than the size of the profits of industrial enterprises grew 36.7 percent year-on-year, an increase over the same period this year, is a breath down 31.8 percentage points. Even compared with 19.4 percent for the month 1-8 margin, 1-November data are also significantly lower than the ring.

Southwest Securities senior analyst Dong macro to an analysis of the decline in demand led to a decline in business sales, rising inventories. With the stock rose to a certain level, enterprises also began to panic and cut inventory, prices fell quickly and at the same time accompanied by a decline in output, profit growth also fell sharply.

“With the deepening financial crisis, the next year or two-quarter decline in corporate profits may reach the bottom, the situation is more serious than it is now.” Tung told reporters that security first.

Phenomenon: the growth rate of profits of state-owned enterprises lost to private

1-11 months, in large-scale industrial enterprises, state-owned and state-holding enterprises realized a total profit of 798,500,000,000 yuan, up 14.5 percent decline.

A few days ago issued by the Ministry of Finance data showed January to November this year, the state-owned and state-holding enterprises realized a total profit of 4 months has been negative growth, and the decline has increased.

Hong Yuan Securities analyst macro-Kan Chen said that the state-owned and state-holding enterprises realized a total profit of serious decline, said the impact on China’s external economic impact of further deepening, and this worsening trend may not have bottomed out. Dong first is an analysis of state-owned enterprises in particular was a serious decline in profits, state-owned enterprises with strong cyclical pattern of production as well.

The profits of state-owned enterprises and the ugly contrast, private profit is still thriving.

1-show in November, private enterprises realized a total profit of 549,500,000,000 yuan, an increase of 36.6 percent, in other forms of enterprises in a Aisheng show good momentum of growth. Some experts said that in a bad economic situation, the private small boat U-turn, may prefer to close down or even stop production to avoid the negative profit growth, profit growth in the data that there are still a good performance.

Rare: a number of industry-round loss

This year, our industry has withstood the test of the unprecedented. According to the SASAC is estimated that this year the central corporate profits since 2002 will be the first to fall. The iron and steel, power, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals and other sectors all-round loss, this is extremely rare.

1-11 months, in 39 industry categories, the emergence of negative growth in profits of the industry: the power industry profits fell 84.1 percent, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry fell 34.1 percent, chemical fiber industry profits fell 74.9 percent, iron and steel industry dropped 13.7 percent , Oil processing and coking industry from the same period last year profit of 24.5 billion to a net loss of 126,000,000,000 yuan.

I understand that in 2009 the state will implement the light industry, textiles, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, automobiles, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, electronics, communications, such as 9 by a serious financial crisis of industry support policies. At the same time, relevant departments will study the introduction of industrial structural adjustment guidance, actively promote the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials enterprises in key industries such as mergers and acquisitions continue to promote independent innovation, energy saving and efficiency, and other brand-building work, speed up the elimination of backward production Capacity.