Maritime Silk Road cultural tourism seminar held in Yangjiang

Yesterday (22), 2008 China (Yangjiang) maritime Silk Road cultural tourism seminar held in Yangjiang, the China National Tourism Administration deputy director of the planning of the Silk Road ran a professor Joe, a professor of Zhongshan University, Guangdong Province, the research and development of maritime Silk Road Project team leader Huang Weizong, and other experts and scholars as the “Silk Road on the Sea” and “the South China Sea Ⅰ” Cultural Tourism mode of development advice brands.

Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, an expert attending the meeting said that the maritime Silk Road is to be recognized around the world and the importance of the “Ⅰ in the South China Sea,” is by far the world’s sea shipwreck found in the earliest age, the largest of the hull, to preserve the most The integrity of ocean-going trade merchant, on behalf of the Guangdong declare the heaviest weight of the world’s cultural heritage. According to the current level of the excavation is expected to have, “the South China Sea Ⅰ” The number of cultural relics may be more than 100,000, rather than the previous forecast of 60,000 -8 10,000.