Market price of chemical fiber raw materials rarely seen prices fall

 The recent weakness, with domestic crude oil prices fell below 70 U.S. dollars per barrel, combined with the lower reaches of the textile industry downturn exacerbated the situation, the collapse of confidence in the market, the fear began to spread, PTA, MEG, and other major chemical fiber raw materials prices showed the market price down rare . Within a short span of 23 days, EG prices fall on the 17.86%, PTA was down 9.09 percent, decline in various other chemical fiber raw materials. It should be noted, spandex, polyester filament length, nylon filament fiber products, such as lowered the rate to increase significantly over the previous. In the industry generally agreed that the extreme end of textile industry in the doldrums, is led to demand for raw materials, chemical fiber enterprises for the poor and having an important factor in the loss of confidence.