Milk fiber

First, an overview: constant day of milk protein fiber is new fiber technology after years of constant days in Shanxi Textile Science and technology research, an independent research and development of high-tech textile fibre, with independent intellectual property rights, with two national invention patent, adopted in April 2004 the international ecological textile Oeko-TexStandard100 green certification, product up to the leading domestic, was included in the high-tech 1311 project in Shanxi province. Constant day of milk protein fiber is dehydration, skimmed milk, use made of bio-engineering technology suitable for wet-spinning process of protein spinning solution, and then made into new high grade textile fiber. Constant days milk protein fiber has parents skin sexual strong, and feel comfortable natural, and color bright, and easy dyeing, characteristics, can pure spinning, also can and cashmere, and silk, and spun silk, and cotton, and hair, and Ma, fiber for blended, woven into has milk fiber characteristics of fabric, can development high-grade underwear, and shirt, and home dress, and men and women t-, and milk cashmere sweater, and leisure loaded, and home spinning bedding,, meet people on clothing comfortable of, and health of, and high-grade of, and fashion of of pursuit. Second, the characteristics of milk protein fiber products: milk fiber in the main raw material is extracted from milk casein protein and therefore has the following features: 1, skin care, nutrition, skin-in-milk protein fiber, containing more than 10 species on the human body useful amino acids and contains natural moisturizing factor proteins, so can play to nourish skin, skin care role. Luxurious 2 appearance, pleasant-gloss-milk protein fiber with silk-like natural luster, soft feel of cashmere-like, light elegant woven into fabric. 3, excellent physical and chemical properties of moderate–fiber fracture strength, modulus, elongation, good spinning and weaving. Woven into the fabric pilling resistance, crease resistance, resistance to wear of great, and has excellent Hygroscopicity of natural fibers and synthetic fibers better moisture, in a smooth, breathable. 4, excellent dyeability–room temperature dyeing, dyeing rate high, good color fastness. 5, the product green environmental protection-continuous and stable-production process, without high temperature processing, without using additives or raw materials such as formaldehyde, azo, pollution-free, green environmental protection.