Multifunctional new Nano plastic fiber hand tufted rugs

Seen from afar flat transparent like glass, a close look at it is the very tiny fibers woven into the “hand tufted rugs”. It has a self-cleaning function, can conduct electricity, can also be used as a biological tool for manipulating DNA chain. United States Ohio State University researchers announced in nature nanotechnology, published an article, they have developed into such a small Nano plastic fiber, will play an important role in multiple technology areas. The school’s famous Professor of chemical physics, Arthur? Epstein said they are patent-pending technology, can on a substrate surface on growth of different lengths, different diameter size of fiber, with different modified by chemical treatment methods to molecular structure of fibers, change their chemical properties. Are the benefits of doing so, you can use a variety of ways to build the polymer fiber. Study finds that these fibers can be coated on almost any surface. This technology actually including two a different of polymer molecular growth process: first in a plane basement Shang growth out tiny of spots as polymer growth of “seed”, and from “seed” began, let fiber along vertical Yu plane of direction growth, dang research personnel close chemical reaction Shi, fiber will stop growth, such will are a by height full same of fiber composition of “hand tufted rugs”. The researchers found, through different chemical treatment can make fiber hydrophilic or hydrophobic, or you can make them lipophilic or hydrophobic oil, which makes fiber can be applied to several different areas. Such as door and window glass fiber coated with hydrophobic hydrophobic oil, water, oil and other dirt adhesion above cannot, so long kept clean.