Nanjing Chemical Fiber 1.3 billion to buy assets of the overall market

Has the recent market rumors that: Recently, Nanjing Chemical Fiber (600889) Receiving the company’s old factory in 2008 on land sales of 13 billion, after deducting the cost of several hundred million dollars will be used to buy part of its group companies high-quality assets in order to achieve the ultimate goal of group listed as a whole. To informed sources in the meeting urged the local government of Nanjing Textile Industry (Group) Corporation a subsidiary of Nanjing Chemical Fiber as the most convenient platform for listed companies, which will help contribute to the overall group of companies listed on the new Nanjing integrated chemical fiber synthetic fiber while retaining its main industry, will also be injected into real estate, logistics, catering and other high quality assets. 1.3 billion of the huge cash flow crisis in the financial background, bring with them sufficient financial support.