Nantong region throughout the year 2008 the import of cotton approved 214

Nantong region throughout the year 2008 the import of cotton approved 214, Box 2470, 262207, 52,811.73765 tons, 82,787,800 U.S. dollars. And in 2007 increased 24.66 percent compared to the batch, an increase of 23.54 percent me, 19.65% increase in the number, weight increase of 26.15 percent, 41.90 percent increase in the amount of the transaction.

Generally speaking, in 2008 in Nantong region the level of overall quality of imported cotton has increased in comparison with previous years. The average failure rate of 10.07 percent, compared with last year (14.4%) fell by 6.13 percentage points.

Tanjug Inspection and Quarantine experts, all imports cotton mainly from the United States, India, West Africa and other 11 countries and regions, the United States and India, the main import of cotton, respectively of the total import volume of 53.80 percent and 32.47 percent. Imported cotton, resulting in high failure rate and the amount claimed mainly large U.S. cotton. American Cotton is the main cause of failed re-short, followed by quality. Imports of cotton quality problems are the length of the average standard, the average standard fineness, fiber strength average failure and disease. Imported cotton this year, the probability of carrying the disease is lower than in previous years, Nantong CPC from the passage of cotton pests intercepted 14 approved 22 kinds of 30 kinds of times.

According to an analysis of the quality of cotton this year, with cotton intensify supervision, cotton warehousing and transportation conditions, especially with pre-shipment containers cleanliness related. Imports of cotton supply as a result of the diversification of channels as well as some of the importers or cotton textile enterprises signed contracts in the contents of a reasonable enough so that developers can take advantage of cotton, resulting in delivery Group approved miscellaneous goods, causing instability in the quality of imported cotton, short re – frequent.

To this end, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind: The cotton enterprises should choose the delivery of good quality, integrity and high speed cotton claims claims customers; the contents of contracts to complete the terms of trying to be specific, the signature must be careful selection of imported green card cotton, cotton bonded not to blindly believe that, to give up the rights and interests of the quality of claims; to strengthen quality inspection, actively cooperate with the inspection and quarantine to ensure that foreign claims fast, smooth settlement of claims; take the initiative to claim feedback for future accumulation of information customers have chosen to import.