National Development and Reform Commission and other departments concerned will soon boost the property market Xinjiang

In the near future, in order to protect the interests of cotton growers, the National Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments will be part of Xinjiang in the near future Shouchu shore up the market.

Cotton Working Television in 2008 a conference call that the authorities have agreed that a large number of new cotton market, such as cotton price fell over, it is necessary to Shouchu part of the cotton market in a timely manner, so that the new cotton price remained at a relatively reasonable level. Since the year 2008, subject to international market prices have fallen substantially and textile enterprises are facing a difficult, and other factors, domestic cotton prices and sales continued to fall. According to the China Cotton Association, monitoring, standard in mid-October level Mainland average seed cotton price 5.54 yuan / kg, Xinjiang 5.12 yuan / kg, respectively, than in the early years fell 0.4 yuan / jin left