National ecological textile inspection Center (Binzhou) unveiled the establishment of

Beginning of this year, everything looks new and fresh. January 8, Binzhou City Hospital Quality Supervision Bureau Durian flags ahead, the National Ecological Textile Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Binzhou) and Shandong Province, ecological textiles Quality Supervision and Testing Center opening ceremony was held here. Provincial Quality Supervision Secretary Cong Tai-ming, party secretary, DENG Xiang-yang, director of the city People’s Congress Standing Committee, together for the national ecological textile quality inspection center unveiled Binzhou Laboratory, deputy secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor , provincial quality supervision bureau, deputy inspector for Shandong Province, ecological textile inspection center unveiled.

Industrial economic operation in Shandong Province, deputy director of command, the Provincial Quality Supervision Secretary Daming Cong, Binzhou City Party Committee, Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee DENG Xiang-yang, deputy secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor, provincial deputy inspector Quality Supervision Bureau, the Urban CPPCC Chairman States, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, executive vice mayor of HAN Kui-hsiang, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the Secretary-General , the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, GE Wei, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Han Zeng Jin, deputy commander of a military sub- Binzhou ball attended the ceremony.

Binzhou HAN Kui-hsiang, vice mayor of the city government presided over the opening ceremony. Deputy secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor gave a warm speech. mayor said, Binzhou is an important product areas and textile base, cotton textile industry is the industry’s traditional strengths Binzhou. In recent years, Binzhou city party committee and government attach great importance to the development of textile industry, the textiles and textile apparel industry chain as the city’s focus on creating one of the top ten industrial chain, “15” cotton textile industry during the annual increase rate of 50 percent emerged the world’s largest cotton textile enterprises Weiqiao Venture Group and Yaguang, Huafang, pleasure Hometextile textile enterprises above designated size, such as 256, textile products access to the Chinese famous brand products 6. The city’s textile industry has a production capacity of 10 million, cotton production accounts for 70% of Shandong Province, the country’s 1 / 10, was awarded the “China Textile City”, “cotton base city of Shandong Province”, “Chinese textile industry Demonstration Zone, “and so on. Is expected in 2010, the city’s textile industry output value of the realization of 182.7 billion yuan, sales income of 203.4 billion yuan.

It is understood that in 2008, Binzhou City, the city government from 1000 financial arrangements of funds in support of national quality testing center and laboratory equipment acquisition transformation, clear to the National Center for construction as to speed up the industrial restructuring, promoting independent innovation, to create advantage Industry Cluster and effective response to the current international financial crisis of this important grasps, as the annual focus of the work of the municipal government to ensure that the National Center for high-quality construction to be completed on schedule.

Binzhou City Quality Supervision Bureau party secretary, Zhang Yi, introduced the Secretary for the National Center for construction, textile enterprises on behalf of the Group Yaguang made a statement. National Ecological textile quality inspection center Binzhou laboratory since March 7, 2008 formally approved the construction of the same period in the beginning of preparatory work. In order to achieve a high starting point positioning, high-standard design requirements, Binzhou city government organizations to the city’s textile and garment industry to carry out in-depth research, and went to Canton, Jiangyin countries such as textiles, clothing product quality inspection center field. April 24 to invite Binzhou City, the major textile enterprises, scientific research institutions, universities technical director of the laboratory building demonstration will be held; May 31, the invitation of Science and Technology Department of General Administration of Quality Supervision, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the Scientific Division, leadership and domestic well-known experts will convene a high-level argument, and ultimately determine the instruments and equipment procurement programs. Transformation of a laboratory environment and equipment procurement under the supervision of the departments concerned, in accordance with the provisions of procedure, June 17-18 at the municipal hall held an open tender bidding, the entire process of bidding in Binzhou City Notary Office, City Finance Bureau and the city discipline inspection and supervision Quality Supervision Bureau under the supervision of personnel to ensure that the entire project of “sunshine operation.” Transformation of a laboratory environment and equipment acquisition, installation since the beginning of June 24, to basically completed by the end of August, and a timely manner to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and the National Laboratory Certification and Accreditation Administration reported a measurement certification and laboratory accreditation, November 29 Day -30 days, the laboratory passed the national conformity assessment center “three-in-one” site assessment; in December was approved as Shandong Province, the ecological quality inspection center for textiles. Quality Center now has a variety of test equipment 211 Taiwan (sets), the total value of more than 2,000 million; have a senior engineer 2 people, engineers, 7, 14 people graduate from college or higher, post-graduate 4. Through the authorized inspection covering 73 categories, 150 (Product) parameters, become the leading quality inspection center.

Industrial economic operation in Shandong Province, deputy director of command, the Provincial Quality Supervision Cong Daming Secretary made an important speech. Da-ming from the Secretary pointed out that the national quality inspection center of ecological textiles Binzhou lab is up and down in the province to jointly deal with the financial crisis sweeping through the world of the critical moment, according to a high starting point positioning, high standards of design, high-quality building construction, This is the Binzhou City as a positive, “protect the growth and promote development” an important measure. In recent years, the Quality Supervision Bureau in Shandong Province to speed up industrial upgrading around to promote economic development, focus on the province’s industrial layout, scientific planning quality technical institutions, the construction of Shandong Quality Center, Jiaodong quality inspection center, Lunan Quality Center Great Quality Heights, to build a number of national and provincial quality inspection center. Binzhou construction of ecological textiles quality inspection center will upgrade traditional industries, and promote the industry chain extension of the upstream and downstream products, supporting and construction play a positive role.

Cong Daming He emphasized that the provincial quality supervision will be the center as a key project task, and continuously support their bigger and stronger, making it a set of ecological textiles testing, standards and revision, detection technology development, technical services in one Detection of well-known institutions, to stimulate and promote Shandong and the surrounding areas and healthy development of textile industry, in order to accelerate the construction of strong economic and cultural make a greater contribution.

After the ceremony, attended by all leading tour, visited the National Center for Laboratory.