National introduced a plan to revitalize the textile industry cotton industry a long difficult road construction

February 4, along with the atmosphere of New Year’s pleasure aftertaste, National introduced a plan to revitalize the textile industry, which is cotton – cotton – textile industry chain is already predictable news. Among them, directly connected with the cotton has two points: First, to promote and guide the textile and garment processing enterprises to the central and western transfer, the construction quality of Xinjiang cotton yarn, cotton and cotton textile production base. Second, the central and local governments and enterprises should increase the intensity of cotton. These two points are the long-term construction of the textile industry involved in the construction of the cotton industry. On these two points, in an interview with this reporter, the industry believes that the construction of the cotton industry will be a long and difficult process.

Quality construction in Xinjiang cotton yarn, cotton and cotton textile production base, optimize the industrial structure are National layout, the eastern part of the transfer to the central and western policy in the textile industry in microcosm. This is a long-term plan, from the characteristics of the textile industry, in the specific implementation process and docking with the cotton spinning industry, the industry expressed their own views.

Wanda Futures Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Du Ying Urumqi, Xinjiang is a typical person, has been engaged in cotton research. In his eyes, the country measures to implement these two considerable difficulties. He said the transfer of textile enterprises are adapting to the central and western development of the industry, the needs of expanding domestic demand, the central region covering the whole country, and the coastal location is a lot of enterprises in export-oriented, so that the positioning of the transfer of the development of strong corporate direction, but there are some questions and one of difficulties. Xinjiang special geographical location, if set up in Xinjiang cotton yarn, cotton cloth base, enterprises can get the advantages of raw materials, but in the product going out the transport needs of the Government also continues to support. This is also on the west textile enterprises challenges.

Xinjiang Esquel Textile Co., Ltd. Li Zhao consider purchasing department manager, set up in Xinjiang cotton base more feasible, but there is a problem requiring attention is the Product SINOTRANS fees. In recent years, Xinjiang’s cotton SINOTRANS per ton of cotton country gave out 400 yuan subsidies Xinjiang charges, while the cotton yarn is not SINOTRANS fees. For the feasibility of cotton yarn, Li Zhao focused mainly on cotton, cotton yarn and shipped out of the channels are not the same, Li Zhao said: “cotton for one year only a few months SINOTRANS fixed time, at other times must give way to other agricultural products, but cotton yarn a year for 12 months can be SINOTRANS, in the transport channels, SINOTRANS cotton cotton broader than some. “However, cotton production base for the building, she thought that has certain difficulties. He explained that Xinjiang was dry, if water demand in this development of a large printing and dyeing industry, has a certain degree of difficulty, if we want to develop, we need national investment in Xinjiang water infrastructure.

And this view was shared by Li Zhao of the Chinese cotton textile information network manager Lee. “In Xinjiang, the construction of cotton production base, can mitigate or solve the difficult problem SINOTRANS cotton, but cotton is brought SINOTRANS problem.” He said that one wagon can be loaded 46 tons of cotton, but cotton can only be installed 30 tons, timely delivery, and are shipped out of question, this required increase in railway construction in Xinjiang.

Apart from the above concerns, Lee also believes that the current Midwest infrastructure, the quality of both and have a certain gap between the coastal areas, this is not possible to catch up with 12 days, although these are necessary to increase the country infrastructure, policy of expanding domestic demand, but it is a long process of building.

As a cotton fought decades-old cotton dealings with MediaRing people think, increase the acquisition, and may not make the spot market fell again in order to stabilize the plant area of the new year to ensure that domestic production does not appear to shrink large. But cotton prices, is still subject to international economic and environmental impacts, it is very difficult to upward and downward have national policies to support it is difficult down shock interval will be a future theme.

Lee of “national efforts to increase cotton” feeling rather ambiguous concept. He said that this should be the long-term goal. More difficult to place the acquisition of cotton, before 2000, the implementation of cotton country, acquired the common place, but also the country money, local storage, local private operators, are more speculative.

Du Ying of the view that “efforts to increase cotton”, countries may set up a fixed system to determine the minimum protection of cotton prices, to ensure that the interests of cotton growers and cotton plant security, but still quantity is worth considering问题. In fact not only to protect the price , depends on the number and impact on the market.