Netherlands acrylic look like cotton wool carpet

Arte Espina of the use of world-renowned brand acrylic cotton, specially formulated to be taken into the most suitable carpet woven of acrylic yarn, the appearance of look like wool, as wool than cheap and easy to clean.
       Every real Arte Espina rugs have been the most authoritative international TUV and TFI quality assurance accreditation. TUV certification for each unique ID number can be found Web site TUV authority detailed test data and results.
         German TUV quality certification of products in addition to their production processes, product quality detailed testing, but also the product of raw materials, production process and production materials such as single indicators of harmful substances, and also one by one, radiation and harmful gases, such as series of rigorous testing. TUV certification authority itself is not only the quality of the carpet to give the most reliable guarantee, but also proved non-toxic harmless Arte Espina carpets smell no moisture, such as flame-retardant anti-mite and the environmental performance of a wide range of green.