Next year, the textile industry will face more serious closures?

Next year, the textile industry will face more serious closures? International orders to reduce the camel will become the most overwhelming straw? In 2009 where the breakout direction? As foreign trade is also on behalf of traditional industries, the textile industry from all walks of life this year has been a concern one of the focal points. To help enterprises understand the analysis of the financial crisis in the U.S. textile market under the latest developments and trends, as well as better implementation of brand strategy, the U.S. cotton (11820,135.00,1.16%,) Company and Shenzhen Textile Industry Association jointly organized “The U.S. textile market Published dynamic and popular seminar-cum-brand strategy. ”

U.S. cotton company survey shows that about 80% of U.S. consumers do not intend to reduce in 2009 in clothing, home textiles products such as consumer plan, that is, orders for the textiles industry will not necessarily the same as expected in the sharp decline.

“The United States did not imagine the market environment in the worst”

Recently, some analysts have pointed out that this year the textile industry experienced a severe test, many enterprise bankruptcy, industry profit margins decline. If we say that the beginning of a recession is due to costs and other factors, then the rapid decline in the second half, however, the weaker external demand. China’s share of world fiber processing 40 percent of total output determines the huge growth in domestic demand are sufficient to fully offset the decline in external demand Moreover, domestic demand is also facing a downward risk, the coming year will be the most difficult period of the textile industry. But in yesterday’s seminar, professionals from the United States research institutions has provided the exciting information.

“According to the U.S. cotton company survey, the United States about next yearconsumer does not intend to reduce the apparel, textile consumption, but will only reduce the automobile, real estate and luxury items, such as consumption, that is to say the United States textile consumer market environment has not imagined as bad. ”

U.S. cotton is from the U.S. textile industry, non-profit institutions, is also the only of the textile industry development trends and new technology research institutions. Chia-jung, chief representative of China said that according to the company related to the investigation, the United States next year will not necessarily reduce the consumption of textile products, but would be extraordinarily sensitive to price.

It is understood that China’s textile industry experienced a few years work, is now in the U.S. market about 30% market share. For the difficulties encountered by foreign sales, there are expert ideas: to domestic sales. But really want to give up the export market share from 30 percent? Shenzhen Textile Industry Association vice chairman Zhang Sheng said that the transfer is not a panacea for domestic sales, first of all, the domestic market will become more intense competition, China’s textile export within each 1 / 2 , if all change is bound to increase domestic friction; followed by the recent decline in domestic sales volume, many companies feel confused and helpless.

“Shenzhen and Hong Kong governments have been concerned that the business needs”

“Not all foreign trade enterprises need to change domestic and different status of the development of foreign trade enterprises have very different, as the Shenzhen and some endangered plant closures, loss of orders, while some enterprises able to feed 18,000 people a day, full load operation . ”

Zhang Sheng said that the Shenzhen textile and garment in domestic and overseas markets with strong competitiveness, clothing, home textiles, underwear Department of design and production status of the national industry leader, and Europe and the United States and other developed countries as the main export markets, trade companies will also do so. Hit by the financial turmoil, Shenzhen textile and garment industry also suffered “cold.” As a result of industrial restructuring to upgrade earlier, compared with a certain “cold” capacity, and many enterprises rose contrarian.

But he also said that the textile industry in Shenzhen, the problems also exist. First of all, clothing export enterprises feel more difficult to add a single trade enterprises decreased textile Fair this fall turnover reduced by 30% year-on-year; second is a shortage of funds, banks unwilling to risk for fear of export loans.

Shenzhen Textile and Apparel on how to deal with this unprecedented crisis? Shenzhen Textile Industry Association, Leung Man-lin special emphasis on the key is confidence, “confidence is golden.” He said, “It now appears that China’s anti-risk ability of the world’s strongest international competitive edge of China’s textile largest. Recently, the state support measures to close out, the textile industry as a key support. We have every reason to regain confidence, to boost the spirit of Paul growth, capital exports, would minimize the impact of the financial tsunami. “” crises and opportunities exist side by side, opportunities are always people who are prepared to leave, after the winter is the spring, there must be a low ebb after the climax. understand the domestic and international markets, accelerate the transformation and upgrading to enhance the brand, market advantage. We will not only security, “winter” and looking for new business opportunities, seize business opportunities in the next round. “