(Nov. 3-9) market prices Polyester Analysis

Recently, one week (Nov. 3-9), Polyester in the market bottom prices and a strong rebound in the purchasing power of driving under the wire cation significantly enlarged product sales, the market price dynamics, the first half of the week its overall prices 200 — 400 yuan / ton ranging up, but the 6 Polyester with the market prices began to fall, prices have stabilized cation. From this week to see the trend of variety, FDY50D/24F, 63D/24F, 75D/36F wire and DTY150D, 200D, such as better sales of silk. Cation wire after the first Yang Wen is due to: (a) increased the purchasing power of the lower reaches; (b) Ban Xiaoguang FDY spinning factory some time ago and more hot-selling F, cation FDY production, supply and demand change.

Looking afternoon, the combination of the following: (a) is the upper reaches of raw materials PTA, MEG began to fall, CDP to stabilize prices, Zhejiang-based Alliance, the new chemical fiber CDP (cation) and section clearing price quotations, this week (November 2 to 11 8) settlement price of 7300 yuan / T, and T compared to 7600 yuan last week, down 300 yuan / T. 7300 yuan for the offer next week / T, with the offer last week, 7300 yuan / T compared to the same; (b) say the current market Polyester prices began to fall, prices will also affect the cation; (c) the lower reaches of fabric weaving factory stock funds after pressure from the more , In the procurement of raw materials used in small quantities, are essential to quantitative production of caution. Polyester prices throughout the current market weakness, CDP slice of domestic spot prices also fell. Cation silk market outlook is expected to market prices will trend downward.