November 26, 2008 cotton and textile market information

1.11, 25, the domestic cotton price is relatively stable now, the mainland on behalf of 229 cotton prices A national cotton price index (CNCotton A) to 11,252 yuan / ton, the mainland on behalf of the 328 countries of the cotton price of cotton B price index (CNCotton B) to 10,662 yuan / ton, with 24 unchanged.

2.11 On 25, electronic trading continues to bring together high-opened, opened in less than half an hour of time, will be sealed in the market trading board, most of the contract back above 11,100 yuan. One, MA0812 to close at 10,926 yuan, the average price rose 292 yuan; MA0901 to close at 11,163 yuan, the average price rose 292 yuan; MA0903 to close at 11,231 yuan, the average price rose 298 yuan; MA0904 to close at 11,312 yuan, the average price rose 294 yuan. Volume significantly enlarged, significantly reducing the volume of orders, closing the day 12,200 tons, an increase over the previous 3800 tons with a total capacity of 58,280 tons order to reduce 3820 tons.

3.11, 25, Cheng-min period of high prices in early trading Kaiping go diving afternoon trading, up from a small collection. One, CF901 contract closed at 11,225 yuan, compared with the previous settlement price rose 105 yuan; CF903 contract closed at 11,120 yuan, up 45 yuan; CF905 contract closed at 11,180 yuan, up 20 yuan. Positions in both volume and an increase in market transactions 143,748 hand than the previous increase in the hands of 25,804, a total of 64,096 positions in hand, an increase of 336 hands.

4.11 25, ICE cotton futures trading to replace imported cotton, led to the main Hong Kong Chinese offer prices across the board, of which U.S. cotton, cotton Australia and Brazil were cotton rose 3 cents to about Central Asia, West Africa, cotton and cotton rose 1 to 1.5 cents 1% tariff under the delivery price of RMB and the National Cotton suddenly spread to narrow. Although the cotton price has been up for two consecutive days, but the market fundamentals have not the slightest changes in China’s cotton textile industry is far from the resumption of the procurement capacity. As the current cotton price by a deep impact on the external market, it continues to rise in short-term memory or the possibility of big ups and downs, cotton enterprises to be cautious wait-and-see, choose the right hand.

5. Shouchu cotton summary information: November 25 closing all the 23,600 tons of cotton traded China Network Newsletter, November 25, China’s cotton reserves Management Corporation designated 31 warehouses open Shouchu Shouchu planned 23,600 tons Shouchu , In which 18,200 tons for the Xinjiang cotton, 5400 tons of cotton to the mainland. In the end, the same day plan Shouchu 23,600 tons of all transactions. Up to 25, 2008 Shouchu traded a total of 485,800 tons Xinjiang cotton, cotton Mainland a total of 99,450 tons traded.

6. Dongying, Shandong: Cotton prices continue to reduce the purchase price of seed cotton cotton China Netcom member hearing submissions, Nov. 25, in Dongying City, Shandong Province, part of the seed cotton prices fell to the ground and continue to reduce the purchase price of seed cotton. At present, the local mainstream 3 seed cotton purchase price for 2.45 yuan / jin (lint more than 40% lower than the resurgence of 11%), 24 lower than the 0.05 yuan / jin; cottonseed price of 0.84 yuan / jin, with 24 unchanged, However, 23 lower than the 0.01 yuan / jin.

7. Henan Fugou: Michael Cotton inter-planting vegetables reduce the risk of cotton China Netcom cotton member hearing submissions this year, Kai Cheng, Henan Fugou purchasing price of seed cotton remained low, farmers suffered heavy losses, the industry expects cotton planting area in 2009 will be Reduced by 50%, but some farmers in several inter-planting crops and effective way to reduce the risk of cotton. It is understood that for a long time local wheat is inter-planting of cotton production, one of the two close, good-quality cotton, can catch up with the market downturn in 2008, Zhong Mian loss of a large number of farmers. But there are a number of inter-planting wheat farmers at the same time, watermelons, cotton and vegetable crops in four, as the growing season could be staggered, and each other will not have much impact, but also received four-year, which can be Wen Zhuan not guarantee compensation.

8. Anhui in the east: the stability of seed cotton offer, lint cotton to stabilize China Netcom was up hearing member contributions, in recent days, Anhui in the east of the acquisition of seed cotton market activity, 400 companies were acquired with a big bang. Nov. 25, 3 local seed cotton price 2.38 yuan / jin (lint 39.5%, 11% water, Hanza 1.3%), 4 2.33 yuan / jin, offer steady, but according to the specific transaction price of cotton quality May be, the better the quality of the highest price reached 2.45 yuan / jin, less a minimum of 2.27 yuan / jin. As the cotton companies to buy more storage to be used, the cotton quality requirements more stringent, currently sell local seed cotton is still less than 40%. In addition, the local 2 lint selling prices for 10,550 yuan / ton, up 150 yuan last / t, 3 lint 10,350 yuan / ton, up 150 yuan / ton, and an increase in trading volume, the current textile mills purchased more 200 is a small plastic bag of cotton.

9. Jiangsu: Shouchu more profitable, more stable cotton price of cotton rose China Netcom hearing submissions member, recently submitted by the Reserve lucrative, Dafeng, Jiangsu 400 enterprises have begun to buy high-quality resources, seed cotton prices rose. Nov. 24, 3 local seed cotton price 2.3 yuan / jin (37% of lint for more than 12.5 percent less water miscellaneous), over the previous week up 0.05 yuan / jin. At the same time, by Shouchu national policy to promote, together with the cotton picking a new drawing to a close, high-quality seed cotton lack of resources, Jiangsu Xinghua 400 enterprises for high-grade cotton lint to enhance the psychological Hard Trading in a Dream, with the result that lint prices were up more stability situation, 200 enterprises in this case, is expected to resume production. Nov. 24, 2 new local cotton sales price of 11,600 yuan / ton (with votes, the net weight, the cash settlement, the same below), 3 11,200 yuan / ton, 4 10,500 yuan / ton, unchanged from last week with.

10. Pengze Jiangxi: multi-sectoral negotiations to acquire the status quo markets, cotton prices to strengthen confidence in China Netcom cotton member hearing submissions, Nov. 23, Pengze County, Jiangxi Province Cotton Association held a multi-convened meeting of the members of governing, combined with the current domestic and international cotton market On the county’s acquisition of an analysis of the situation and forecast that the cotton price stability, protection of the interests of the farmers is the primary purpose of Shouchu States, 12,600 yuan / ton price Shouchu is issued by the Government to support a strong signal to the current 2.4 yuan / Jin of seed cotton price will rise not fall. 400 enterprises should seize the opportunity to make acquisitions, strengthening the “three-wire”, such as water quality management; 200 enterprises and 400 enterprises, commissioned processing, the active participation into the reservoir. At the meeting, the per capita cotton enterprises expressed their full confidence in the latter part of the cotton market.

11. Hubei Hanchuan: stabilization of prices of seed cotton, spinning cotton enterprises interested in China Netcom stock inquiry member contributions: Recently, Hubei Hanchuan the area surrounding the seed cotton prices basically stable, lint prices to stabilize gradually, and textile enterprises increased purchase intent, Some small-scale cotton enterprises have begun to re-purchase. Nov. 25, 3 local seed cotton price 2.30 yuan / jin (lint 38.5%), cottonseed price of 0.75 yuan / jin, fold the cost of lint 9800 yuan / ton, while the textile industry on the same day of the 3 lint offer to buy 10,500 yuan / Tons (to the plant, Public, with votes), cotton relatively high corporate profits, and New Year’s Day and Spring Festival approaching, some of the cotton textile industry that prices have dropped to low and prices stable, intends to start a “2” stock. As a result, 200 local companies active acquisition and processing.

12.ICE futures: a small increase in speculative clearance rate of global on-line newsletter on cotton, on November 24, ICE Futures Exchange announced by the position of cotton report, as of November 21, cotton futures speculative net short positions for the rate of 7.8 percent, more Weeks ago, an increase of 0.7%. Speculative long positions to 41,738 over the previous week to reduce 2299; speculative short positions to 51,949 over the previous week to reduce 2075.

13. The new U.S. cotton: the completion of half of the test, the quality of Texas cotton, the world’s attention on-line newsletter, ended Nov. 20 week, the United States to complete testing upland cotton 237,000 tons, this year’s test total 1,533,000 tons; Pima cotton testing capacity of 1781 tons, this year’s test a total of 38,600 tons capacity. As of Nov. 20, total U.S. cotton test for 1,572,000 tons, accounting for 53.4 percent of the total output is expected. When the week, the new test Lubbock cotton color grade for more than 3 accounted for 85.5 percent, 4 more than the 87.6 percent accounted for. The average rating for the leaf litter 3.27, the average was down 29.26 mm long, Make Long average of 3.58, the average strength of 29.89 g / Turks, fiber uniformity to 80.47 percent, lower than Malaysia’s 3.5 accounted for 41.4 percent.

14. Xiamen, Fujian: textile raw materials prices rose slightly Cotton China Netcom member hearing submissions, Nov. 25, a week after a smooth trend, Xiamen, Fujian, textile raw materials market and some level of polyester staple cotton prices began to rise slightly. One, 1.4D * 38mm polyester staple fiber price of 7100 yuan / ton, the previous period rose 100 yuan / ton; 229 lint price of 11,200 yuan / ton (public and re-sent), the previous period rose 100 yuan / ton; 329 Lint-level price of 10,900 yuan / ton, up 100 yuan / ton; 428 and 527 lint prices remained unchanged, namely 9700 yuan / ton and 9200 yuan / ton. Local industry that the current market Diduan the bottom has been formed, the next is still up space.

15. Coded 700,000,000,000, to take over ahead of Obama “economic rights” International Finance News, at present, Obama was elected president of the United States and President Bush’s aides have been busy drafting measures to boost financial markets and the White House to avoid easy The main result of the policy vacuum and further damage the U.S. economy. According to the two leaders of the Democratic Party ahead of the U.S. Congress to disclose the contents of the National Assembly is expected in the next year on January 20 before Obama became President of the United States through economic stimulus plan, which could be as high as the scale of 5000-7000 billion U.S. dollars during the general election than envisaged Planning any more bold. U.S. local time on November 24, Obama announced the formal economy as a whole list of the members of the team, and elaborated its own large-scale program to stimulate the economy. It is reported that the United States is about to take over the Finance Minister Timothy will be responsible for co-ordinating 700,000,000,000 U.S. dollars project to save the market.

16. Construction Bank adjustment loans to support the policy of self-housing tenants to buy ordinary Xinhua, China Construction Bank announced on November 24, will increase from the general population to buy housing support, in line with the policy of issuing new commercial individual housing The adjustment of the minimum lending rate for the benchmark lending interest rate of 0.7 times the minimum down payment for the adjustment of the ratio of 20%.

17. Suliang Prev down a narrow range, 30, narrowly average Zhongzheng Wang, Nov. 25, A shares down narrow Su Liang. Prev 1900-point mark was lost, after the breakdown was 30, average, full-volume dramatic fall in the value market conditions going from bad to worse Zaixian investor anxiety, the market is at the edge of plate change. Up close, the SSE Composite Index to close at 1888.71 points, down 0.44 percent, closing 46,910,000,000; Shenzhengchengzhi to close at 6489 points, up 0.35 percent, closing 20,340,000,000. In addition, small and medium-sized panels refer to close at 2309.94 points, up 0.19 percent; Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 to close at 1834.17 points, down 0.19 percent.