Number and properties of textile knowledge-chemical fiber fabrics

With the rapid development of chemical fiber, material of the garment industry makes extensive use of various chemical fiber pure yarn or fabric. Our various types of chemical fiber pure yarn and blended fabric of name, number, style, features and applicability of clothing such as follows. A consolidated number of chemical fiber fabrics, various types of chemical fiber fabrics many classification methods, are classified mainly according to the type of material of varieties. Can be divided into viscose, polyester fabric, nylon fabric and fiber-rich fabrics, BR/Acrylic fabric, polypropylene fabric and vinylon fabrics, and other categories. Each class has pure and blended fabric, mixed fabric. Also into cotton type fiber fineness and length, long-fiber fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics of wool-type chemical fiber fabrics and filament. More varieties specifications and all kinds of fabrics, hence the uniform number necessary. Chemical fiber fabrics in class numbers expressed in four digits: representing fabric categories, category of the type of raw materials, fabrics and raw materials used. Medium staple fiber fabrics and precede the number with “c” letter to distinguish them. Code details are as follows ‘ the first digit represents the fabric categories. 6. Polyester and other synthetic fiber blended fabric, 71 chemical fiber and cotton blended fabric, 81 single synthetic fibers of plain textile, synthetic fiber and viscose blended fabrics, 91 of man-made cotton fabric. Second digits indicate the type of raw material, with 11 being the polyester, 21 vinylon, 31 for nylon, 4. Acrylic, 51, 6. Pp, 91 for viscose fiber. Third digits indicate the fabrics of category, with one being the white cloth, 11 of knitted fabric, 2. Cloth, 3. Dyed, 41 for the canvas. Fourth digit represents the usage of raw materials, of which,] a pure, 2. Blended. Numbering example: If the number of 71l2-that polyester and cotton blended yarn dyed fabric. 8,132 —— represents dyed polyester viscose blended. C8132 one by one length of dyed polyester viscose blended in. Second, man-made fibres of viscose fabric with its excellent Hygroscopicity win in other chemical fiber cloth. Especially in the last 15-20 years around the world have developed many new types of viscose fiber with good physical and mechanical properties of material, sewing and taking value of making it more broadly. Man-made fiber fabrics in the world market is expected to continue to fashion, and will become one of the top material. (A) characteristics of viscose fabric wearing characteristics 1. Best in moisture absorption of viscose fabric in chemical fiber, its wearing comfort and dyeing of synthetic fiber fabric well. 2. Soft viscose fabrics, color bright, better than other chemical fiber fabrics. Particularly rayon woven into pure light and material such as woven silk, Brocade, its color bright, soft luster bright, magnificent and noble feeling. 3. Common viscose fabric drape well, rigidity and less resilient and crease resistance, wet strength only about thousands of State 50%, shrinkage is large, about 8%~10%. Conformal and washing wear of clothing are bad, but low price. 4. Thousands of fiber-rich fabrics, high wet strength than viscose fabric, neat crease resistance is good. Color vividness is slightly worse, 5. Modified viscose polinogic (polynosic) fiber fabric with good efficiency and on physical and mechanical properties of high alkali stability, it may proceed with the mercerizing. High temperature modulus rayon (HighwetModulusviscOse) textile wet deformation of small, good wear resistance. (B) the name, style and characteristics of the variety of viscose fabric and garment applicability 1. Artificial means of cotton fabric 100% cotton or long common viscose fiber and rich in fiber as raw material, the spinning of cotton spinning equipment and various artificial cotton woven into. The main varieties are: (1) rayon cloth. Fineness of 0. 13~0. 17tex£¨1£® 2¡«l£® 5 Dan), length in32~38mm plain viscose spun into 14~28tex (42~21 English) yarns, plain weave. Per 10cm key 236~307 root, weft density around 236~299, woven into a variety of thick-different artificial cotton fine plain fabric, cloth, dyeing and printing process as various artificial cotton and cloth. Whose style is characterized by uniform fine texture of fabrics and clean, beautiful in color, feel smooth, comfortable, breathable and earnest vertical are good. But large shrinkage, low wet strength, poor clothing of Conformal and wear a cotton, cheap. Mainly used in female dress, shirt, winter coat in the summer, children’s clothing and other material. (2) artificial cotton yarn-dyed. With a fine degree 0. 22~0. 28tex£¨2£® 0~2. 5 Dan), length of long type of viscose in the County party Committee of 51~75mm spinning yarn. General 14teX2~28texX2 (42/2~21/2 English) strands of weft yarn, plain weave, Twill, satin or change organization into various patterns, and fancy yarn fabric. Its main style rich features to feel smooth, slight sense of hair, the color is bright, elegant, affordable. Suitable for spring and autumn dress for women, jackets, jacket, children’s clothing and other material. (3) rich fiber cloth. With cotton-rich fiber as raw material spun into 14~19. 5tex (42~30 English) yarns, as plain weave, Twill weave made of rich fine cloth, fiber-rich Twill, rich in fiber such as gabardine fabric. Its main style characteristics and differences of the same fabric of viscose fiber: poor color brightness, feels quite slippery, slightly better crease resistance, solid and durable, less shrinkage, wet strength higher than those of ordinary viscose fabric, similar prices. Mainly used to do summer clothing, women’s dresses, children’s wear and other material. 2. Rayon fabric refers to pure and rich in fiber and textile or artificial filament woven silk fabric viscose, cotton fiber, its main varieties are: (1) rayon Matt spinning. Weft are made of 13. 3tex (120 denier) Matt synthetic filaments as raw material made of plain weave silk fabrics. His main style densities than is the characteristic thin, slightly thinner than silk, feel smooth, and similar to power spinning, smooth surface, the color white and without the light and elegant style, also have striped or printed fabrics. Wet strength low, washing and rubbing the gap. Cheap, cool, suitable for summer shirt for men and women, dress costumes, clothing, scarves, and other materials. (2) a beautiful silk. Weft are made of 13.3tex (120 denier) artificial filaments as raw material in 3-/1 Twill fabric woven into your organization. Its main style characteristics of fabric surface is smooth, gloss front bright light oblique lines, opposing Dim and dark, feel smooth, shrinkage of 5%, color is colors such as blue, gray, coffee, mainly used as a woolen garment lining. (3) Fu Si (spring) spinning. 16. 7tex (150-denier)-rayon, cotton-rich (viscosity) fibers spun into 20tex (30) about people doing weft, woven into the warp density fiber yarn than weft plain fabric 1 time times secret agreement. Main style characteristics are: printing beautiful bright color, fabric and smooth, slightly lateral coarse grain, spinning-rich feel very cool and fuchunfang is more soft. Mainly used as a cloak coat fabrics, clothes, infants, when such material or material such as women in summer dresses, shirts, fashion. (4) line wife of a younger brother. 13. 3tex (120 denier) have a light man-made filaments do, 14texX2~28texX2 (42/2~21/2 English) cotton weft, to plain Jacquard organization change organization or Twill woven jacquard general line of wife of a younger brother of various sizes, wax , wife of a younger brother, wife of a younger brother of yarn and silk light variety. Light or Imperial various tones, whose style is characterized by thick texture, fabric with transverse section, coarse-textured, large shrinkage, low wet strength. Mainly used for spring, autumn and winter the quarter clothing fabrics. (5) camlet. 13. 3tex (120 denier) have a light man-made filaments do, to 14texx2 (forty two-seconds English) cotton yarn made of weft twill weave fabric, whose style is characterized by stout, thick wear-resistant texture, fabric smooth and very real, slightly darker than the beautiful silk gloss , most dyed dark or gray, rice, color, price is cheaper. Mainly used as a lining of the garment. 3. Means cotton type viscose blended fabric (rayon), wool-(artificial hairs) and new (various modification, high crimp, hollow) viscose fiber and cotton, wool or other synthetic fiber blends into yarns and woven into a variety of different styles characteristic of fabric. The main varieties are: (1) viscose/cotton blend fabrics. Viscose/cotton cloth is sticky, fifty-fiftieths/cotton mixed yarn woven into cloth. Its main style characteristics of an oil formation, wear resistance and moisture resistance, drape wearability are better than cotton. Main noise has a variety of bright, printed or dyed fabric viscose/cotton blend fabrics. Suitable for summer dress clothes for women and children’s clothing, fashion, clothing, fabric. Fu/cotton fine cloth used is the rich/plain cloth of cotton blending ratio of sixty seven-thirty thirds. His main style is characterized by smooth fabric color is white, fine thin, soft silky texture and full of luster, solid and durable, but cotton bright color than viscosity, suitable for women dress in the summer, children’s clothing and other material. (2) wool blend material/viscosity. Wool gabardine, also known as wool gabardine/viscosity, is the use of a hair/seventy-thirtieths mixed viscosity ratio of combed wool yarn, 20teXx2 (fifty-seconds) strands of weft yarn, two-seconds Twill weave, on Warp density near 1 time times larger than the weft density fabric and wool gabardine-looking style. Its color is more clear, but less neat and body, the price is low. Mainly used in the limit, occupational clothing, middle and low external use of clothing. Wool/viscose blended Huaeat a bit is seventy-thirtieths the raw material of worsted wool yarn to 22. 2texX2 (forty five-seconds public support) strands of weft yarn, pure wool Hua eat a bit specification made of similar fabrics, it has the appearance of Mao Hua eat a bit, but the color more vivid, poor body elastic, shoots a comfortable , low prices. Suitable for spring and autumn dual-use shirts, suits for men and women, dress, casual, mid-range clothes material. Wool/viscose blended Tweed is to 30/70,50/50, or seventy-thirtieths mixed ratio of woollen yarn, made of a variety of colorful point, circle of yarn in fabric. Suitable for spring and autumn coats for men and women, the former CA shirts, women dress material, relatively low-grade to do children’s clothes, students ‘ uniform fabrics. Blending uniform coating, the Navy wool, woolen cloth, is for 30% wool-viscose and wool blended into 125~83. 3tex (8~12) woollen yarn, woven and full hair similar to the variety of similar products. Its main style characteristics is that it has the fundamental characteristics of wool products, but feel very solidity and poor body, wear after pilling threadbare, but surface color of night view of a more delicate, distinctive in appearance, prices lower than wool uniform coating. Mainly applied in spring and autumn the system limit, occupation overalls, short and long coats and other clothing for men and women. (3) new types of viscose blended fabrics. Fiber-rich cotton-like is the use of new fiber-rich varieties of high wet modulus fiber 0. 01tex (0.1 Dan) and polyester 0. 08tex£¨0£® 7 Dan), to 35/65,70/30 of blended spun yarn woven into fabrics, its main style is characterized by soft as the cotton, with good luster and dyeability of filamentous, drape and comfortable. It suitable for dress, party dress, young civilian clothes, products sell well in Europe and clothing market, high crimp Visco-plastic wool-like fabrics with fine denier high crimp of the wool characteristics of viscose 67%, effectivenessand 33% polyester blended fine count yarn, woven into fabric dyeing and finishing process of pine and after. This fabric feel fengrun, gross sense, similar types of wool-like fabrics, such as wool-like valitin and so on. For women with dress clothes, everyday clothes, and other material. Hollow viscose knitted fabrics using 0. 17tex£¨l£® 5 Dan) hollow of viscose and polyester yarns made of knitted fabric in fifty-fiftieths mixing ratio. Their style is characterized by fabrics of effective good coverage, leavening feel soft, warm, good Hygroscopicity, and comfortable. Not hard, not long after wearing wash clothes can still shape retention. Suitable for underwear, children’s wear and casual wear and other material.