Nylon carpet cleaning procedures

————- Bath nylon carpet carpet cleaning procedures
Step one: The cold water detergent +

◆ cold water to wet, dry cleaners used in the
◆ 1% of the cleaning agents to clean stains
◆ dry vacuum cleaner
◆ to repeat more than three moves
If the stains are still ◆ perform Step 2

Step two: hot water decontamination

◆ 1% with detergent and hot water (100-120 degrees Fahrenheit) of the mixture, in order to clean stains as the center within a foot of the region
◆ dry vacuum cleaner
◆ repeat the above steps as needed

Note: the continuing use of high concentrations of detergent power back on the carpet and wood fiber itself will have a negative effect. Therefore, bleach should be used only in the end, to ensure that the life of the carpet. To prevent stains never become difficult to eliminate the trace of the know-how is to deal with the fast, splashing onto the carpet in the liquid should be soft white paper dry. In the shop more than the top layers, gently rubbing, and then step on one foot. Repeat this step until the clean-up capacity. Sticky things to be smooth material, such as a spoon, stirring gently to. Solid or powder-like things with the best vacuum cleaner.