Obama in his inaugural speech at the scene Shop the carpet Cyberspaces Shaoxing 10000

A few days ago, Zhejiang Home Textile Co., Ltd., chairman of cyberspace wish Cup Green from the United States, where customers received a special gift: an American President Obama on Capitol Hill in his inaugural speech at the scene photos, the scene used in all royal blue velvet carpet from “Cyber Hometextile” production.


“VIP gallery blankets used also by the ‘cyberspace’ to provide.” Zhu told reporters the Green Cup, to enter the United States Capitol Hill, on the excellent product quality. Green wish to make a more exciting race, since the “cyberspace” into the Capitol Hill, after consulting the United States come to an endless stream of overseas telephone calls.


Syber Shaoxing Hometextile are a professional manufacturer of bedding, carpets, blankets, home textiles, such as small and medium enterprises. Zhu said the Green Cup, a client three or four years ago the United States and “cyberspace” came into contact, when the procurement of goods in Shaoxing, the four have put a larger scale, the strength of the enterprise 11 to veto, “cyberspace” not afraid of tigers, time and again to these demanding clients I wish to apply the United States. “The American customer product requirements on a very strict, and even can be said to be harsh.” I wish the Green Cup recalls. Demanding customers, for their products “pick thorns,” This is the product quality continuously upgrade process, I wish the Green Cup of “harsh” as the power for the first time the views of customers and constantly improve and perfect, “cyberspace” has finally passed the American Customer Road to join the review, had this Order, a “cyberspace” direct export of a large single. Since then a few years, the company became the biggest customer clients, the orders the company accounted for about half of foreign trade business. The end of last year, the American customers click Custom Shop into a Capitol Hill more than 10,000 blue carpet.