October 13 Sheng Polyester Market Analysis

October 13 Sheng Polyester poor sales market as a whole, as a whole variety Polyester prices fell across the board, there are 100-200 yuan / ton drop. Sheng Polyester has several large direct spinning varieties ex-factory prices are down; In addition, section enterprises spinning part of the products made with lower down. Imported ex-factory price of spinning factories also fell in the mainstream of the region Sheng Ban Xiaoguang 63D/24F prices fell 12400-12500 yuan / T range.

From the product to see the trend, DTY75D/36F, 150D/48F varieties can be traded, of which, DTY75D/36F mainly by the weaving machine for the production of cashmere golden light, light Rong Deng, DTY150D/48F mainly for the production of Water Jet Loom Sanding cloth, and so on, so now the standard in Polyester demand in the market can still be. FDY54D/24F the mainstream market, the market moving off the market price in the Centers 13,500 yuan / T around; FDY68D/24F compared with the market moving more sales, prices in the current 13,000 yuan / T or so. FDY50D/24F big bright hot wire, used light spinning, satin and so on. POY downstream products, plus bomb factory weak procurement, network together with wire POY demand even worse. From the upstream and downstream markets, raw materials showed the upper reaches of the “big drop” trend of the market’s confidence in the latter part of Polyester hit than the current market as a whole Polyester mutually wait-and-see atmosphere, the rate of spinning factory production and sales this period of time low , Polyester increase pressure on the stock, and the lower reaches of the city of cloth season non-wang, weaving enterprises still lack the purchasing power of Polyester, affected, most of the afternoon that Polyester prices are down.