October 22 textile sector were attention away

Prev yesterday fell below 1900 points, against a background of increased export tax rebates by the positive impact of the textile section of the most beautiful. In early trading, the plate more than stock trading. Up close, the textile sector to achieve the 1.31 percent increase. The shares Feiya, Shandong Ruyi, such as 3 Fengzhu Textile stocks closed limit.

The textile export tax rebate up 1%, significantly less than the rate of 2% of the market expectations. Similar day care analysts believe that textile industry is not too great. Specifically, the 2008 net profit of the industry’s contribution to less than 1.7 billion, should rise 3% -4% in 2009 net profit on the impact of 95 billion yuan.

For the export of low value-added enterprises, may not enjoy the full rate increase. Vosges shares on behalf of the Securities Zhang Meng pointed out that the low-end exporters of weak bargaining power in the actual trade customers may be asked to increase the share of export tax rebates, which do not enjoy this part of the benefits.