On the purchase and maintenance of hand-made hand tufted rugs

Hand-made hand tufted rugs is a symbol of family wealth and taste, began to have more and more people pay attention to hand-made hand tufted rugs. Hand-made hand tufted rugs with technology and artistic value, purchase, maintenance requires specialized knowledge. Expert guidance. People today, how many there are always a few pieces of hand tufted rugs, in the current season, may still have to purchase hand tufted rugs, tapestry or something. Just as the purchase of furniture, paintings, decorations and the like, other than people want practical, technological value, something good, like value maintenance and appreciation, hand-made hand tufted rugs also started entering people’s line of sight into life. General blanket, woven, chemical fiber, mass production, not many processes and artistic value. While the luxury hand-made blankets called soft gold, Australia, and New Zealand wool or silk woven by hand, after weaving, flat, slice, before and after washing, investment, repair made by manual processes such as machining, strong third dimension, each different, are of great value to the collection of Arts and crafts. With the improvement of labor costs, hand-made craft hand tufted rugs value qugao. But a blanket on the market a lot, of woven, handmade, synthetics, wool, silk, varies greatly, prices vary, how can I buy a really valuable hand-made blankets? To this end, we please do exports of hand-made blankets “beauty seli” expert guide. Blanket blanket on the difference between the market, a handmade blanket, the difference between bayonet blanket, woven blankets. Hand-made rugs to hand-made, more use of pure wool and silk for materials, through the design, color scheme, before and after, hand-knotted, flat on the dyed yarn, hand tufted rugs, blanket, washing blankets, investment and cutting, trimming, a dozen working procedure processing becomes. Dozens of colors can be harmoniously blend together. Close exquisite blankets can extend the life of the hand tufted rugs on the decades of years. Such a cumbersome process, allows making a blanket time needed varies from several months to a year or two. Carefully to be distinguished for wool and silk, particularly silk hand tufted rugs, silk directly affect the price of the product and to the quality of life. Bayonet hand tufted rugs is the tire in a special cloth, hand-pricking bayonet out patterns for the color line, and then back in his hand tufted rugs brushing glue, then attach a copy of the end of the cloth, hand-hemming and into. Plus a small amount of silk material is wool, wool, polypropylene, nylon, etc. Patterns can also be up to a dozen kinds of color, precision and service life of less than pure hand blanket. Making time consuming about in about a week or two. Made of woven hand tufted rugs method relies on the current state of the art machinery and equipment, materials are polypropylene, nylon, and some wool. Currently the most advanced weaving technique can make ten different color configurations. Although color patterns and service life are hand-made hand tufted rugs could not be equated, but the price is relatively low. Classification of hand-made hand tufted rugs from Persia Persian hand tufted rugs in wool with a silk woven into, pattern color, dense, rich style of Western Asia, the overall temperament magnificent. European French similarly equipped with pure wool silk woven into the hand tufted rugs, patterned gorgeous romantic, with a Western oil painting effect, with strong European style. Natural colour patterns mostly flowers, leaves, color is pure wool primary colors, fresh, modern urban pursuit of simple fashion. By the silk woven into Tibetan all the patterns are, mainly color to beige, plus a small amount of gold, pink, red, bright pattern simple, fresh and elegant style, simple, striking a mystery. Beijing-essence of traditional Chinese culture to the rich national color condensation between the block blanket, let the room more culture. Purchase points depends on the raw materials of the hand tufted rugs. Fine wool and silk are of high quality and quality assurance. Depends on the production process. Around the world knitted lace hand-made hand tufted rugs of different technologies, but the purchase of the logic is simple, view is strong on the back of the hand tufted rugs closely tying methods such as 8 characters of the traditional chain, Turkey buckle is the best guarantee strong compact, durable hand tufted rugs surface. Spinning, dyeing, knotted, flat, Tablet, wash, investment, the whole process, weaving handmade hand tufted rugs of thick dense solid, patterned with Emboss effect. Also very important of is, manual hand tufted rugs most focus on on details of processing, as weaving a flap peach, can with a dozen species color, even dozens of species color to touches, red in the has powder, powder in the has white, white in the has red, Xiangyang of side color can light some, shady of local color can deep some, was also petals covered of color can deep some, dew in outside of color can light some, this is machine weaving hand tufted rugs anyway also up does not to of, this is manual hand tufted rugs of art value is located. And woven hand tufted rugs up to only 10 colors, and the same pattern does not appear in the gradient color, looks more stiff. Depends on the tonal style. To select a hand tufted rugs for your indoor environment. After-sales service. Hand-made hand tufted rugs to have professional maintenance of high-value, current city there are many professional cleaning company to provide specialized services. Service providers such as the production of hand tufted rugs, “beauty seli” hand tufted rugs, in addition to providing professional hand tufted rugs sales of maintenance services, hand tufteders can also international standards designed and manufactured a variety of hand-made hand tufted rugs. Special Note: pricing tips hand-made hand tufted rugs International has more than one production base, China, India, and Iran, and Turkey are all hand-made hand tufted rugs producer and exporter. A large advantage of Chinese hand-made hand tufted rugs, is inseparable from and lower labor, therefore, lower domestic prices of hand-made hand tufted rugs, approximately only about one-fifth of the international market, and high quality, so it should be noted. The same size, same material, handcraft, bayonet, 3 different kinds of woven hand tufted rugs—if such cost will be hand-made hand tufted rugs in the $ 10,000, bayonet rug for $ 3,000, weaving hand tufted rugs at around $ 1500. Different grades of hand tufted rugs prices are based on close degree to manually, from 90 to 300, the price ranged from $ 100 to $ 800 per square foot. Carpet maintenance tips hand vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning only absorb dust on a regular basis. Carpet after one year, should be moved to outdoor knock dust air drying, but do not exposure. Carpet when resurfacing the floor should be clean. After two or three years, to use wool detergent cleaning, drying after washing the hand tufted rugs back. Chemical washing and decay process of hand tufted rugs factory has done, shop daily available without placing repellent, long term storage, can blanket a few grains of camphor balls, the good hand tufted rugs volume tier in air drying