Original new technologies boost the morale of Chinese textile industry

A scientific and technological achievements and to promote the application of the development of the industry can have a significant effect? Was recently adopted by the national scientific and technological progress second prize of “synthetic filament spinning machine integration of key mechanical and electrical devices”, let us count to an account. Due to China’s scientific and technological workers have tackled the production of polyester core technology, independent innovation, the polyester polymerization, spinning (filament and staple), winding forming technology, and other key equipment in China so that China’s Polyester Plant With the same equipment abroad, to reduce the cost of more than 80%.
“Five-Year Plan” period, China’s polyester production capacity to add nearly 15,000,000 tons, of which 65% of the filament, 60% of the staple items as the use of domestic equipment and technology to reduce the investment cost 218,800,000,000 yuan, at the same time reduce the Product manufacturing costs 4.5 billion. This created a Chinese high-tech synthetic fiber, low-cost characteristics of the textiles, garment industry to participate in international competition in the market in other countries has laid a solid foundation can not be imitated.
China’s 2005 textile scientific and technological progress and the development of a fruitful year. In the background of rising international oil prices, China’s textile scientists and technicians have developed their own intellectual property rights of jute fine processing technology, bamboo fiber preparation technology, are of great international significance of forward-looking. These new textile materials for its natural green, inexhaustible have attracted much attention.
Not long ago, Chinese Academy of Engineering Ji Guobiao an interview that the current surge in international oil prices, has actually shaken to support the world’s chemical fiber for textile raw materials system. In the West, some well-known chemical fiber enterprises, such as DuPont, the company Lenzing, and so on, have set our sights on the non-use of oil resources in the field of fiber production. DuPont, such as corn starch developed polylactic acid (PLA) fibers, Lenzing’s use of natural fiber to develop pollution-free production of a new type of viscose filament day — (Ten Juan cell) fiber. The Chinese scientists to develop the jute, kenaf, bamboo fiber, such as natural fiber of fine processing technology, and international advanced technology, not only with Chinese characteristics, also advanced, practical aspects of an enormous advantage.
Jute is in addition to cotton, the world’s largest stock of natural fiber, because of restrictions on processing technology, has long gunnysack can do, such as low-grade carpet products. Chinese scientists invented the fine processing technology, so that the jute become a sports category, the leisure class of high-grade fabric of raw materials, and maintains moisture, air, anti-bacterial and many other advantages. In addition to apparel fabrics, fine processing of jute fiber is also medical supplies, bedding and automobile frames, car decoration, and other industrial textiles ideal material.
Natural bamboo fiber is a new type of textile raw materials. In the past, bamboo has been divided in the field of construction materials. In recent years, Chinese scientists and technicians from bamboo pulp and viscose fiber manufacturer, directly to the preparation and decomposition of natural bamboo fiber, made a series of results. As the speed of native bamboo and low-cost raw materials, bamboo fiber textile industry in the form of industry, and its market prospects will be very broad.
GB quarter of the view that these scientific and technological achievements of our country, not only in line with the international popularity of the concept of environmental protection, resource-rich advantages, but more importantly they have great low-cost market potential, it is only those who are leading the technical content of PLA, Tencell Fiber, and so can not compare, sufficient to make the world’s leading providers of raw materials hold a candle. As a result, this type of technology innovation is a new development and utilization of resources, significant results, which will be China’s textile industry in the future sustainable development play a positive role in promoting.