Pakistan believes that anti-dumping on polyester staple fiber criticism is unfair

Pakistan’s polyester staple fiber manufacturing group (PSFMG) that the criticism of Pakistan’s anti-dumping law is unfair, they say that these regulations did not hurt the local textile industry, but to ensure that a fair trade. On Tuesday released a press statement, in order to ensure fair trade, anti-dumping tariffs has been globally recognized, not a tool for trade protection.

Anti-dumping duties for the relevant provision of the same level of industrial competition. Pakistan polyester staple fiber manufacturing group asked the Government should not support those in anti-dumping investigations in different countries to cooperate Tariff Commission exporters. Country’s anti-dumping investigation is based on examination of the substantive harm local industries.

National Tariff Commission sought the views of all stakeholders point of view, including in the investigation said the issue of the exporters and importers. Polyester staple fiber manufacturing group also believes that the public interest provisions into the anti-dumping law is inappropriate. A small number of WTO member countries in their legal provisions in this, but very few actually used.