Pakistan established the Federal Ministry of Textiles National Textile draft recovery plan

Pakistan Federal Textile Minister Lurgi yesterday announced that the Government established the National Textile draft recovery plan, will be sent to stakeholders for comment. Lurgi Mr. Law, “National strategy for the textile industry,” the seminar was carried out announced that the seminar are from the Pakistan Knitwear Manufacturers Association, said he attend the meeting are leaders of the Government’s policy to seek industry comment part.

In this seminar, the Law Say Lurgi, Pakistan began to receive research and development power of the central bank argued that the payment will be started early next week. He also revealed that the government allows the import of the use of 5-year mechanical, which is organized by the Trade and Industry proposed. This type of seminar will Faisalabad, Sialkot, held, the last will be held in the presidential residence. Government is keen to solve the problem of the textile sector.