Pavement pieces carpet tips

Please read the guidelines and in accordance with the pavement surfacing guidelines pavement. Are not in accordance with the following guidelines laid pavement, the problems arising from pavement person, rather than the carpet manufacturers to take responsibility, and can lead to products that can not enjoy the rights guaranteed.

Environmental requirements

Carpet should not be wet pavement in the wall or the wall, we suggest that the temperature around 18-35 degrees Celsius, relative humidity in the 15% -60%, pH value of 5-9 better environment carpet pavement.

Pavement surface preparation

Paving the carpet must be properly handled through the ground, all the cracks, holes and irregular ground is subject to amendment in order to ensure adequate credentials, smooth appearance to prevent accelerated wear and tear. Pavement should be cleared to the ground, remove the related items to ensure smooth and clean the ground.

Pavement before checking carpet

In the pavement should be carefully examined before the pieces of carpet color, Mission, quality as well as other transit damage occurs. If the problem should contact dealers timely. Do not have a clear pavement defective products, otherwise it is impossible to guarantee the enjoyment of the right products. Manufacturers do not bear the pavement by mistake the damage caused by the responsibility. Pieces should be moisture-proof carpet dust, should be placed on flat ground, long-term not to be stacked more than five boxes.

The necessary tools

Scissors, knife, ruler, tape measure, mark pen, cleaners, spatula, pH test paper, calcium oxide humidity test paper, using hot air guns, such as patches.


Can not be formed in any uneven surfaces need to use glue or double-sided tape fixed living carpet pieces. Recommend the use of environmentally friendly water-soluble glue.
Tip: To protect hands, in the use of glue, as well as other tools, usually wearing thick gloves.

Cutting pieces carpet

Usually cutting pieces from the back of the carpet, first of all, an election as a reference, and cut the pieces to the back of the carpet is zoned line along the designated good reference WEDM. Use glue or double-sided tape fixed live to pavement cutting pieces off the carpet. Cutting principles to be followed: Paving the cut pieces of carpet area of not less than the normal half of the carpet pieces, otherwise not easily fixed.

Ground layout

Carpeting in the forthcoming regional draw accurate plans. Should normally be marked at least one traffic junctionregion specify windows, doors and furniture, non-standard angle position. The room is divided into 4, and powder lines strokes. 4 Division is convinced that the junction is a right angle, use the Pythagorean Theorem 3-4-5 method is convinced that the first line is perpendicular to the second line. Subsequently, the verification from the centerline to the distance between parallel walls used to calculate the number of pieces carpet.

Carpet pieces pavement

Each carpet pieces are printed on the reverse side of the direction of the arrow. Center from the ground to start Cross junction, use the chalk line as a reference to begin in a district where pavement carpet pieces. Continues to recover from the center in accordance with the step pyramid-shaped, or to roll-out of the attention in the process of laying out regular checks of each piece of carpet pieces in the corner Department alignment, it is necessary to pieces chimeric carpet firmly together, and through pressure to make The paste in the glue on. Laying process, should ensure that fast block top tight angle from four shops in the point, if it is not point angle, usually caused by the laying of non-tight and should be rework.

After laying the dressing

Finished laying the overall effect should be checked and if foundcan block and block swap between. If the seams are pilling phenomenon, scissors can be used properly repaired or use hot air gun blowing look so hot wire hair reduction, but the repairs should be careful not to over order to avoid damage to the carpet.