People of fiber fabric variety

Many varieties of synthetic fabric, among their own pure things, there are many varieties are blended with other fibers of viscose fiber fabric or woven. 1. To long 100% of cotton or of man-made cotton fabric-common viscose fiber or fiber as raw material made of rich fabric. Such as: people such as cotton, fiber-rich cloth. Where people 100% viscose weaving of cotton cloth is made of plain weave fabric, with the cloth body is thin, soft, fine yarn, density, good permeability, dyed bright features, suitable for summer and quilt cover, cheap. Fiber-rich cloth is cotton-rich fiber as raw material made of plain weave, twill weave fabric, that is, rich-thin fabric, gabardine, Twill or rich in fibre-rich fiber, has many similar characteristics and viscose fabrics, the difference is the dyeing is not bright enough, feeling very good and solid and durable, suitable for summer clothes or clothes fabric. 2. Rayon fabrics in viscose filament woven into silk fabrics of artificial filament or rich as raw materials. Such as: Matt silk, textiles, light textiles, beautiful Leah such as cashmere, spun rayon SATIN/CHARMEUSE. These varieties are in “silk fabric” described in the section, will not repeat them here. 3. Main description of viscose fiber and viscose blended, mixed fabric here between viscosity of synthetic or artificial filament and staple fiber blends, Interwoven products. Such as: polyester viscose blended fabrics, high crimp, hollow viscose knitted fabric viscose spinning wool fabric and so on. They are a high percentage of mixed low percentage of polyester viscose fibers and produced, or the percentage in 50% made. Like high curl wool-like fabric viscose is made of 67% 33% polyester fine denier high crimp viscose and blended fine count yarn processing, which has a strong sense of feel fengrun, hair, similar to the appearance of the valitin style, suitable for making women with dresses, plain clothes, and so on. Camlet, fuchunfang the case of the human wire and fiber yarn or cotton yarn woven products, has a solid texture, fabric smooth and very real, cheap, and other characteristics, often available in clothing materials. In short, the Hygroscopicity of man-made fiber fabrics with its excellent win in other chemical fiber fabrics, but because of its fabric will harden after launching, the force variation, so washing should be careful not to rub. In addition, when cropped to leave the fold of wider, and the need to code to avoid yarn slippage, a “steak”.