Policies to revitalize the textile industry greatly increased the confidence of

On the 24th, journalists from here on the fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition and Trade Fair on the pre-show was informed that the Chinese Government has recently introduced the revitalization of the textile industry adjust the active policy, the sector is confidence.


It is understood that the textile industry are the traditional pillar industry of China’s national economy and people’s livelihood important industries, is also more obvious advantages in international competition industries. By the international economic recession abnormal impact of Chinese textile industry’s export enterprises suffered varying degrees of loss.


Recently, the State Council executive meeting examined and adopted the “planning to revitalize the textile industry to adjust,” pointed out that in the next three years, China’s textile industry wishes to reach: Export to maintain an average annual growth rate of 8%, textiles 13% of industrial production to maintain the average annual growth rate, the domestic market consumption of clothing to maintain an average annual growth rate of 20%.


People in the industry here, said the Chinese government about the textile industry to optimize regional distribution and taxation of financial support for various policies, such as: textile and garment export tax rebate rate from 14% to 15%, and actively promote the international and domestic markets , a special fund to support technology innovation and so on, greatly encouraged by the many domestic and foreign textile machinery manufacturers confidence in the Chinese market. Of Chinese enterprises, the crisis is not just a cruel test, it is an excellent opportunity for the survival of the fittest. China’s textile Powers are also being from a powerful development.


Enhance confidence in the textile business background, will be June 12-15 at Shanghai New International Expo Center at the fourteenth session of the Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition is expected to reach 100,000 square meters display size for from 17 countries and regions exhibitors exhibitors. The scale of this exhibition will become an annual Global 200 9 displayed the largest textile machinery exhibition professionals.