Polyester staple fiber domestic market is still in consolidation phase

At present, the domestic polyester staple fiber market is still in consolidation phase last week in the last three days, the polyester staple fiber prices continue to fall, and in the beginning of the second week, the market polyester staple fiber and other polyester products offer followed a rebound and rebound, but From now on view, the price of callback should be more narrow range of oscillation. International crude oil prices fell below 60 U.S. dollars / barrel, continue to fall, 19, has its price at 55 dollars below the price of crude oil fell in the meantime, the chain of polyester products did not drop as drastically as pre-and polyester staple The fiber in the production and marketing rate of recovery have emerged over the past two days, it seems that in the near future at the bottom of the polyester staple fiber can be basically established, now polyester raw material market is calm for the time being, since the week, PTA and MEG prices continued to fall no further, PTA spot prices remained at 4500 yuan / ton in the vicinity, and the number of inquiries, Monday, the futures trading there; and MEG prices have remained stable, set within the mainstream of the transaction price of 3800 yuan / ton in the vicinity, the market is going Steady, after the market still need to test. Acid-chip prices also rebounded slightly, rising 5800-6000 cash offer mainstream acceptance. Sinopec Group in October of the contract settlement price of polyester staple fiber, 1.4D end 9450 yuan / ton, 1.2D end 9500 yuan / ton, 1.2D bright knot 9650 yuan / ton (to cash), Sinopec ten polyester staple fiber January contracts pre-receivables quote out, 1.4D reported 8,000 yuan / ton (to cash), Beijing’s real-time quotes for 7100 yuan / ton. At present, the mainstream domestic market, polyester staple fiber 1.4D to the closing bid price range for the 6800-7100 yuan / ton (cash or acceptance), the year-on-year offer last week, down 100-200 yuan / ton.