Practical point of the new carpet to the main fight

Autumn and winter, the grand carpet debut. The interior design philosophy of pragmatism advocated the use of wood or stone on the ground, with different size of the carpet to decorate the space, making room for Smart mood and enhance the overall quality of the environment.

New carpet Aspect

The new style

Traditional carpet design elements to most of the ornate style show, but recently more popular in the Nordic style, take the simple, clean lines, to reflect the geometric design of a low-key. The simple design does not mean plain, with good color along with the connotation of the design, the same can transfer out of low-key sense of luxury.

The new material

The carpet material more and more diversified, in addition to man-made material, and even bamboo fiber, corn fiber, hay and so on, can be woven into the carpet, and nylon, or man-made fibers He Chengpi has been widely used, but the Tibetan carpet easily satisfied pollution Scale and difficult to clean and have a negative impact on health. Considering the quality and comfort, or wool and silk carpets on the carpet for the election.

The principle of matching carpet

1. Carpet and space

Consider the spatial pattern of the first step is to choose the carpet. Interior corridor proposed placement is usually rectangular blanket Road; door, and so on the bathroom door with a small rectangular or oval Kuaitan more appropriate. Is the most frequent around the living room, wear the best choice, Naizang color of the carpet. If you want to put on the sofa below a carpet, but the living room area is not too great, the choice of the proposed carpet not too big, blank space to give an appropriate visual feel that some of the more spacious. Irregular-shaped leaflets on the carpet more suitable chair below, to highlight the chair itself, especially when leaflets with the sofa-style chairs at the same time do not and will not appear unexpected.

The principle of matching carpet

2. Carpets and furniture

Carpet usually after the purchase of furniture, in order to highlight the overall effect of carpet and furniture style is a unified security approach. Classical furniture with appropriate mellow, elegant carpets, Persian style, the style of Turkmenistan, the Caucasus, Carpet, and other styles are the aesthetic characteristics as color and pattern, backed to the emotional appeal of classical furniture, wooden furniture and patterns complement each other. It must be noted that, however, if the furniture and wall decoration of the complex pattern of the carpet to avoid too complicated. Modern furniture with the same style Xilian the best carpet, be it furniture or glass plate, the texture of stainless steel furniture, the carpet is not only simple style atmosphere added that while the Cold play down their own furniture.

3. Color of the carpet skills

Carpet color choices need to take into account all aspects of the room, including flooring, furniture, curtains and other accessories color, in harmony with each other in order to enhance the overall sense of coordination. Carpet color and the color is a relative of smallpox, tone of the general on the ground can not be so shallow, the color of the ceiling can not be too deep, otherwise they will have a top-heavy feeling. Light can increase the sense of space, so that the room looks spacious, warm and dark colors will make your room seem cozy and comfortable, more a sense of privacy. Choice and the environment similar to the color of the carpet is the simplest way to create a sense of harmony, the opposite choice of color is bold, like the application of the personality of the young population or design.

Different colors show different psychological feeling, for example, want to transfer light, warm feeling, the center is the color yellow and orange. Is orange carpet, curtains, mattress covers with yellow printed cloth, sofa, with the ceiling of gray stressed that the increase set off a number of green plants, unique atmosphere; would like to give the soft romantic feeling, the Center for the color of soft pink. Carpets, lamp shades, plus red and white as curtain tune, furniture white, light blue room decorated local, romantic atmosphere; gorgeous tone color at the center can choose to wine red, dark blue, brown and gold, sofa with red wine, dark carpet for Red soil, with a bright cream-colored walls, local gold embellishment, such as the gold-plated wall lamp, coupled with some dark blue as a supplement gorgeous chunks of fresh style.