Prevention and treatment of cotton pests in winter

Cleaning garden pink bollworm in cotton, red spider, aphids, plant bug, pathogen of anthracnose fungus, Rhizoctonia, etc, can be left on the cotton fields of dry twigs, fallen leaves, black Bell, as well as on weeds in winter. Complete removal of dry twigs, leaves, bad Boll, eradication of Dennai and surrounded by weeds, be effective in eradication of overwintering pests. Clearing time of bury and avoid stacked near the field. Deep irrigation of cotton bollworm, Tigers, cutworm spodoptera litura and other winter in soils, deep irrigation measures may be used to kill. This significant effect, mortality can be up to more than 90% of cotton bollworm. Deep depth 30-40 cm, turn to below topsoil, subsoil and turn to the above. Winter irrigation should be carried out in 39 days, to fight through irrigation. 80-120 cubic metres of irrigation quantity per Mu in General, Tian Ying clay to fight some more, with furrow irrigation as well, bogey free flooding. Chemical fumigation anthracnose, angular leaf spot pathogen and pink bollworm, red rot and other diseases and pests, can be attached to the seed inside and outside in winter. Types of warehouse storage can be sealed, 32-37 grams per cubic metres of methane bromide used in space fumigation killed, closed 3 days may kill 98% of pink bollworm and cotton seed in some pathogenic bacteria. Main pink bollworm larvae hide in cotton cotton storage warehouse walls of cracks and voids in the winter of shipping and storage tools, therefore, may be in storage before the cotton on the inside walls of the warehouse with lime slurry spray, closing the gap, and then use the 50% dichlorvos emulsion twice liquid, spray on the walls of the ground, put cotton, sealing Windows and doors, poison pink bollworm.