PTA plant project the main civil works have been completed 90%

Shishi is a PTA project at the provincial level key projects, and its significance: it’s Lian-fu and integration projects be closely co-ordinated arenes, Quanzhou, with local manufacturers of polyester support for large-scale petrochemical enterprises and lower reaches of planes very clusters of textile fiber A good bridge to enable seamless connection of the industrial chain.

The project put into operation, PTA products, the main market is in Jinjiang, Shishi area (in the amount of 800,000 tons) and the Changle area (in the amount of 600,000 tons), could play a bridging role in the formation of the Chengfu chain integration projects PX, for Fujian (Quanzhou mainly) of polyester, chemical fiber, weaving, dyeing and garment enterprises to provide raw materials to form a complete refined from crude oil exports to the clothing industry chain seamlessly, to achieve genuine integration in industry and at the same time improve the industry chain End of the whole enterprise competitiveness and ability to resist risks. The project is expected to completed and put into production next year, put into operation with annual sales of about 50 billion each year turned over 1.2 taxation 130,000,000 yuan.

So far, PTA plant project the main civil works have been completed% 90%; 6000 cubic meters of fuel oil tank in the factory tank has been completed; PAC substation equipment has been installed.