Pure wool rug mold decay method

Mildew moth plastic tibetan rugs wool tibetan rugss specific methods are as follows: ¢Ù tibetan rugs clean and dry. One year after the tibetan rugss used tibetan rugs network, should be moved to outdoor knock dust, air drying, but do not exposure and avoid direct sunlight, or tibetan rugs sales will fade. Carpet shop available again, the ground should be cleaned. ¢Ú periodically to wool tibetan rugs cleaning professional shop for cleaning, or go for on-site cleaning black tibetan rugs shop with two or three years later, to use silk tibetan rugs cleaning chemicals. ¢Ü after wash tibetan rugss, shop if they continue to use, clean the shop floor. ¢Ý tibetan rugs factory the best wood floor waxing, after two or three days to go and then sprinkle a layer of health sphere on the floor and tibetan rugs. ¢Þ When storing tibetan rugss, to place a tibetan rugs repellent, but repellent best not ¢ß to come into contact with the tibetan rugs itself, to prevent corrosion. Tied and then wrap up tibetan rugs sales well ventilated place. Best on the ground a half meter to one meter high places. Most of them after a special treatment. The pure wool rug company part of its tibetan rugs, yarn links in the production process, after degreasing treatment of carbide production site, comprehensive and effective to eliminate the possibility of breeding insects microbial Hotel tibetan rugs, reached the absolute mildew moth performance. And have achieved international recognition.