PVC prices have made a big bomb

The focus of the week: 12, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting. To implement the central authorities on the expansion of domestic demand and promote economic growth stable and rapid deployment of decision-making, the meeting decided to study the implementation of the four measures. The meeting decided that the cancellation of some steel products, chemicals and food export tariffs and reduce export tariffs on some of the fertilizer and adjust the way tax, the levy on individual products or raise export tariffs. We believe that the export tax rebate rate and further increase the export tariff cut will help the chemical industry and increase revenue.

Last week, international crude oil prices continued to decline, below the 50 U.S. dollars / barrel mark, WTI crude oil prices last Friday to close at 49.93 USD / barrel, the cumulative decline in the week 12.46%; Brent crude oil prices to close at 49.19USD/barrel, a week A total of 9.31 percent decline in the international price of natural gas rose 6.64 percent; no change in the price of ethylene, naphtha fell 5.22 percent last week.

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides: Last week, the domestic price of urea dropped to 1700 yuan / ton, a decrease of 2.86 percent a week, the price of glyphosate down the re-emergence of a single week down 3.85 percent, to close at 25,000 yuan / ton domestic potash and phosphate fertilizer prices Both remain unchanged.

Two base: Last week, PVC prices have made a big bomb, in which acetylene law PVC the week up 11.11 percent, ethylene law PVC prices rose 7.14 percent; soda ash prices fell 10.34 percent, the price of caustic soda and calcium carbide Remain unchanged.

Fiber: Last week, and chemical fiber products, raw materials mixed xylene on a single week up 4.66%, PTA rose 1.14%, PTMEG showed a decrease of 1.79%, PA66 slice and slice PA6 prices fall by more than 4%, PET slices The price has not changed; viscose staple fiber fell 4.41 percent, 40D spandex prices fell 2.27 percent.

Alcohol: last week, no change in the price of methanol, dimethyl ether prices fell 2.63 percent. Rubber: a week on the domestic styrene butadiene rubber prices continued to fall, one-week decline of 5% drop in the prices of natural rubber is relatively small, one-week drop of 3.5 percent.