Qinghai Tibetan-sheep carpet adjust business ideas to expand sales and marketing

Carpet in Qinghai Tibetan sheep (Group) limited woven carpet base 1th workshop, Planning Manager Guo Shousheng pointed to 6 being the production of woven carpets said: “corporate orders had row to June next year, now three shifts a day was made out. ”

Zhang Hengwei Group Chairman said: “Tibetan carpets is a valuable cultural heritage, development, we should fully take advantage of this unique resource. “It is reported that as a special cultural products, production of Tibetan carpets used thousands of years of history.

Founded in 1996 and obtain the right to operate import and export of Qinghai Tibetan-sheep carpet (Holdings) limited, actively adjusted the management idea, will continue to expand the market, after a dozen years of mopagunda, enterprises have seen significant development. Now has a wholly-owned enterprise 7, holding 1 enterprises, products to the development of pure wool, silk and wool, silk, pure silk, hand and machine weaving Tibetan carpets simultaneously 16 series, 48 categories, more than 100 varieties. Due to outstanding performance, Tibetan sheep carpet Corporation has been awarded national “outstanding agricultural industrialization leading enterprise”, “leading enterprises in the national poverty alleviation”. They passed the quality management system certification, and has 6 national patents. In 2008, the Tibetan sheep carpet group sales revenue reached $ 280 million, products sold in more than 40 countries and regions. The first half of this year, in the case of foreign orders 20%, Tibetan-sheep carpet group domestic orders had more than doubled.

Zhang Hengwei said that beginning in 2007 the company’s internal structure adjustment, subordinate 3 enterprises carrying out a comprehensive resource integration, unified management and administration, in order to achieve a rational allocation of resources, reduce the cost of business management. Meanwhile, we also adjust products structure, increase the intensity of technical research and development, vigorously attract talent, accelerate the pace of technological innovation. In terms of market development, in addition to good cooperation with regard to original dealer and actively open up new markets, speed up the development of the domestic market, to ensure balance between production and profits and growth. They increased market demand for greater production of weaving Tibetan carpets, was established in dozens of cities throughout the country and more than 150 multiple sales outlets.

As competition intensifies, enterprises in product innovation and the upgrading of technical equipment has devoted more energy. Zhang Hengwei said that Tibetan sheep carpet group to intensify its research and development, in the production process for chemical washing, undermined the protein carrier of mites and other micro-organisms survive, Tibetan carpets with the insects, moth, mildew-proof unique capabilities solve the majority of consumers worry about. On the carpet patterns, color scheme, also for different regions and population oriented consumption psychology and cultural background of design, the cultural elements of various ethnic groups into the Tibetan Carpet products, woven and artificial cut ways of combining, reducing the cost of the product, increase connotation of the product.

Them much to recruit Professional and technical personnel, at the same time accelerate technological transformation and upgrading of the equipment. Plans to invest $ 150 million this year, new weaving equipment, 4 years added weaving Tibetan carpets of 400,000 square meters. As of now, the Tibetan sheep carpet weaving production line project was formally put into production, workshop completed construction in late July, 4th.

Qinghai is the origin of Tibetan carpets, many farmers and herdsmen have experience of weaving Tibetan carpets. Qinghai Tibetan-sheep carpet Group seized the advantage, built in the village shop, forty or fifty people concentrated in the workshop to prepare carpet, currently in Qinghai has built more than 300 enterprises. In recent years, the group led a total employment of 33,000 people.

Zhang Hengwei said, the company will continue to expand the scale of woven and hand-woven carpet, doing excellent enterprises bigger and stronger, providing jobs for more farmers and herdsmen, bear more social responsibility.