Qinghai Tibetan Sheep won the “advanced countries the introduction of foreign intelligence units” title

January 15 -16, the National Secretary for foreign experts meeting in Beijing. Introduction of the system at the national advanced collectives and advanced workers, national introduction of foreign intelligence advanced units and individuals were commended, in our province Tibetan Sheep Carpets Co., Ltd. won the “national advanced unit in the introduction of foreign intelligence,” the honorary title of foreign professionals Bureau Comrade won a “national introduction of foreign intelligence advanced individual” honorary title.
In recent years, Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Group in the bureau and the Bureau of Qinghai Province personnel outside support, relying on the national key projects Introduction has introduced from abroad, more than 60 types of experts, through the provision of foreign experts and the intellectual support the introduction of foreign technology production equipment, so Qinghai Tibetan Carpet weaving technology has reached the world leading level, has won six national patents, products are exported to Britain and the United States and Japan, 33 countries and regions, with 140 fixed customers, become Qinghai Province’s export products, in the Qinghai Tibetan carpet industry, has played a good exemplary role.