Rhodes public relations in China in 2009 as a strategic partner

From January 1, 2009, the Rhodes public relations company officially became a U.S. cotton with the United States International Cotton Association in China, a consumer public relations to promote the project partners. By the end of 2008, the U.S. cotton companies and the U.S. Agency for International Cotton Association, organized by both China and the United States consisting of representatives of the Vetting Committee, and after listening to several international public relations firm’s bid to disseminate the program, the final choice of public relations as a Rhodes in 2009 in China strategic partner. The project will be a public relations Rhodes Canton branch responsible for the overall co-ordination work.

This theme of “cotton – more than you can imagine,” public relations companies by the U.S. cotton with the United States co-sponsored by the International Cotton Association, has been ongoing in China, the fourth year. The project is committed to promoting China’s consumer application on cotton and related understanding of the way through a variety of vivid propaganda fashion and the benefits of cotton and its place in the apparel and home life in the field of innovative applications and development, and thus enhance China consumer demand for cotton and cotton products, knowledge, love and consumption.

“China has the world’s largest consumer population, is the cotton industry’s most important markets. We know from the outset in 2006 to carry out various activities in China and actively promote the cotton and cotton products in the Chinese market. In 2009, we will try to update the means of communication more and more designers, celebrities and industry partners to cooperate to jointly promote the overall public relations projects, more attention, so as to obtain results. “U.S. Cotton, vice president of marketing services, said Ric Hendee, “Lord of public relations services team in the course of the proposal shows a profound understanding of the project. They spread the program fresh and imaginative, especially in network applications grasp of public relations in place, and compelling strategy, the ability of today’s network the times of any public relations project is particularly important. ”

United States Agency for International Cotton Association, Executive Director, Mr. Allen Terhaar said: “Cotton is a commonly used natural fiber, but also very rich sense of fashion. It is the lives of each one of us has a natural and close ties. I very much look forward to, through the media publicity, consumer activity, online promotion, as well as other innovative means of communication, cotton will become the fashion of modern Chinese consumers, an important element in life. Rhodes PR strategic communications capacity and creativity to our left a deep impression, we on the enthusiasm of a professional public relations team full of confidence. ”

“We have become of this project in China strategic partnership was very excited. It will certainly become a public relations Rhodes lifestyle reputable client list in the category of a new bright spot”, Lord President of Public Relations in Asia Mr. Du Maike (Jean – Michel Dumont) said, “With our consumer market of China’s profound understanding of the national integrated project management capabilities of excellence, as well as close together various branches of the regional cooperation to win the project. The United Nations has announced for 2009 ‘International Natural Fibers’, we will seize this opportunity to fully display the charm of cotton so that cotton has become the first choice for the hearts of the Chinese consumer fiber. ”

U.S. cotton companies from the United States upland cotton producers and importers funded the establishment of cotton products. The company’s mission is the global textile technology through research and extension activities to enhance the cotton demand and profitability.

United States Agency for International Cotton Association is the National Cotton Association’s export promotion agency. Association aims to link the adoption of the impact of marketing at every stage, from the cotton fiber to increase U.S. cotton, cottonseed and cotton products exports.

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