September 27 Sheng chemical fiber market Comments

September 27, an atmosphere of dull trading Sheng Polyester, Polyester varieties of the market trend appears to be more fragmented, although barely spinning factories offer a smooth, but the actual transaction price concessions so that there are more than take the goods, the current Ban Xiaoguang FDY50D/24F, 63D / 24F in the price of the mainstream 13700-14000 yuan / T ,12900-13100 $ / T.

From the trend of variety, DTY market products for sale mainly for the better DTY75D/36F, 100D/36F, 150D/48F Ban Xiaoguang silk products. Ban Xiaoguang fine denier FDY series of silk products continue to move off, especially in the lower reaches of 50D/24F great demand. In addition, FDY bright silk fine denier silk products sales transactions is still good. FDY spinning Quan Xiaoguang local manufacturers to balance production and sales. POY sales appears to be general, and the network needed to fight POY Piandan transactions. At present, the National Day vacation draws near, the whole market Polyester wait-and-see sentiment strong, chemical fiber spinning plants Polyester product inventories increased slightly. Polyester prices are expected in the short term is still mainly Ruoshi consolidation pattern.

Cation of differentiation silk weak market trend, prices of individual species down a little. From the look at the trend of market prices, FDY63D/24F, FDY75D/36F market prices were stable at 13,800 yuan / ton, 13,400 yuan / ton. At present, the upper reaches of CDP slice of raw materials price suppression plate, this is expected during the National Day vacation wire prices Cationic there will be a slight adjustment may be. Polyester / polyester composite wire transactions can, bid prices will remain stable. Polyester / polyester composite wire (DT-led + POY) 100 * 100 and (DT-led + POY) 100 +50 market price of 12,400 yuan in / ton and 13,200 yuan / ton, but the National Day vacation draws near, the lower the purchasing power of the market decline , Is expected in the near future T / polyester composite wire will be a market-based adjustment. An island composite wire market in general, DTY215D island composite wire market price of up to 16,400 yuan / tons. T / Kam composite wire is not due to market demand, the transaction appears to be flat, compared to, DTY90D/72F × 16 transactions can flap. The latter is expected to T / Kam-based composite wire or smooth.

Juzhiqiepian: PTA price consolidation state, MEG prices will remain steady suspense. Half-light, bright polyester chip prices trend downward, CDP chip, PET bottle chip prices are Pandie. Semi-ray market slicing the spot transaction price of 9,400 yuan / ton in March to acceptance, cash in the general mainstream of 9250-9300 yuan / ton. Slice the spot transaction price of light in the 9450 yuan / ton to three months short, the general mainstream of cash in 9300-9350 yuan / ton. CDP chip spot market closing price of 11,100 yuan in / tons of acceptance to six months. PET bottle chip market in general to the transaction price of 10,400 yuan / T. PET thick atmosphere of wait-and-see market, the decline in trading volume