Seven different material tibetan rugs buying guide

1, pure wool rug wool tibetan rugss are relatively expensive, the two most common feathering peace looms, decent tibetan rugss most prices at more than $ 800-2000 (with 140*200cm as the reference standard). Its clean and care cumbersome, needed professional cleaning to the laundry. Such as cleaning accidentally, tibetan rugs will greatly reduce the service life. In General, select tone dark or has a pattern of resistance would be more dirty, so you can spend half a year a professional cleaning, and vacuum cleaning. Also, suggest that you use wool tibetan rugss for the bedroom or locker room is ideal, since such establishments are usually more private, cleaner, or stepping on the tibetan rugs with bare feet, feet feeling very comfortable, best texture. 2 cotton, cotton rug tibetan rugs-many kinds, plain woven, cotton blanket (can be used on both sides), nowadays very popular chenille tufted series (flock, there is heavy-napped) and many other species, high cost performance, generally sell for between $ 300-800 (with 140*200cm as the reference standard). Sense of foot soft and comfortable, including tufted series decorative effect very prominent, easy to clean, you can directly into the washing machine cleaning. End of cotton tibetan rugss a plus, there are bottomless, and main role to slip at the end of, generally speaking, the living room and bedroom, study, and other dry areas can be selected bottomless, bathroom, entrance, dining room, practice rooms, and so on can be selected and the end, fixed effects more prominent. 3, and synthetic tibetan rugs synthetic tibetan rugs most common of min two species, a using surface main is polypropylene, back lining for anti-sliding rubber, price and pure cotton tibetan rugs almost, but pattern varieties more, difficult faded, elegant of can professional cleaning, savings is words also can with tibetan rugs clean agent manual clean, feet sense than wool and the pure cotton tibetan rugs, applies Yu restaurant, and bathroom regional or children room; another a is imitation snow Nepalese, cluster cashmere series pure cotton tibetan rugs of, form with similar, just material replaced has chemical fiber, price Qian in synthetic tibetan rugs cheap many, Visual effect also difference many, but easy up electrostatic, if is barefoot stepped on in above will is does not comfortable, recommendations can as door pad using. 4, suede suede tibetan rugs rug is made from scrap leather, comparative single color, most nostalgic smoke grey or yellow, I have seen in a FENDI fashion furniture leather goods exhibition purple and rust color, very pretty and coquettish, Oh! Retail price to 800-1000 Yuan, very fashionable, texture is so strong that applies to the living room, work room, study area, because suede tibetan rugs cannot clean with water, can only rely on vacuum cleaner. So although this type of tibetan rugs is very attractive, but friends don’t is selected with the baby, Oh, there are reservoirs ash, maybe your baby will often contact small bacterial disease continue Oh! 5 like jute, jute Carpet Rug and suede tibetan rugs, is very beautiful but difficult to keep the tibetan rugs, because you can’t wash, but can be scrubbed with cleaner. Prices are not cheap! My House has been used jute tibetan rugs, sitting on the tibetan rugs is very comfortable in the summer, with tatami mat effect, if you have special or very clean and room in the House of housewives, consider this tibetan rugs, very elegant master grade, Oh! 6, and cloth tibetan rugs rags tibetan rugss of tibetan rugs is the best price/performance, material simplicity, so the price is very cheap, color complementary color to color or tone, can be machine washed and it can be used on both sides. But not for large-area applications, officially for the living room or the restaurant space is slightly naive, but at the entrance, changing room, dining room, Studio, is cheap and good choice. Sweden’s IKEA is to promote cotton rag rug’s most successful businessmen, Oh! 7 silk tibetan rugss, silk tibetan rugss are very expensive and very delicate. In addition to the mansion, it is generally not recommended!